Origin And Importance Of Power Generator

Origin And Importance Of Power Generator

Origin of Power Generator:

Before 1830, the only known source of electrical energy was batteries and batteries, which turned chemical energy into electricity. However, in 1831, the Englishman Michael Faraday invented a system capable of producing electric energy from mechanical energy, thus creating an energy-generating device.

Faraday’s generator consisted of a copper disk that rotated in the magnetic field formed by the poles of a horseshoe magnet and produced a continuous electric current.

Faraday’s discovery, in addition to being fundamental to the growth, development and applicability of electric power, was the first step for the emergence of electric power generators, which over time have been perfected, incorporated technological innovations and transformed into an excellent and reliable source of energy.

Thanks to Michael Faraday’s legacy and the technological advancement provided by many other scientists today, there is high-tech equipment capable of generating high-energy power.

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Importance of Power Generators:

The rent and purchase of power generators have become a very present theme in the life of the organizations due to the constant threat of energy crisis. Such an event could be responsible for the increase in the number of blackouts, generating several damages for the country, for businessmen and population.

As a form of prevention, public and private sector institutions seek alternatives through the leasing and purchase of generators so as not to suffer the impacts of a collapse.

Powered by petrol or diesel, the power generators are ideal for hospitals, medical clinics, commercial establishments, bars, homes and other places where energy cannot be lacking. It is very advantageous to use the power generator, as it will work at times when a power failure occurs, preventing nuisance and damage.

Taking into account the dependency of electricity, supply failures caused by an energy crisis can bring problems and it is at that moment that a generator will make a difference. With it, there is the guarantee of uninterrupted power.

There are many types of power generators, with energy capacities ideal for every need. Several Brazilian companies in the segment of rental power generators have solutions for the mining, civil construction, infrastructure, industry, events, oil and gas and trade & services sectors, as well as equipment ranging from 14 to 1875 kVA.

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