Offshore Company Formation Hong Kong Benefits


Every business person wants to start his own dream company at a location where business is growing and expanding at a rapid rate. Hong Kong is one of the leading business and commercial centres of the world. There are plenty of opportunities in Hong Kong market; company formation in Hong Kong gives you a chance to setup your company. Hong Kong has a stable political system, good infrastructure, expanding capital market with international business being high there and above all an attractive tax benefits. Hong Kong offer various offshore company formation offers at great location for firms to start business in largest capital market all over the world.

One of the best reasons to start business in Hong Kong is the tax policy. Tax rates are very low or you can say it’s equal to null. There is no sales tax and you have to pay low taxes on your profits. Another interesting fact about Hong Kong companies is that they have to pay taxes on profits only if it is derived at the rate of 16.5 percent of the net profit.

For those who are looking for a great start to their business, Hong Kong is the best place for them with aids like simple company formation; foreigner can be shareholder or director, legal stability and no capital deposit.

Anybody from any part of the world can start company in Hong Kong. Whether it’s an individual or a company, they can establish easily in Hong Kong. Experts in Hong Kong say that to be successful in business in other parts of the world you need great business sense and an intensive knowledge with complete information of the business environment. You should know all this because the procedure to start business is very complex and it requires heavy investment to finish. Whereas, company formation in Hong Kong helps you start your company quicker with good counseling and also helps you through complex and dull part of the procedure.

Starting up a small business in Hong Kong is a well-known practice. You don’t need to be a resident of Hong Kong or don’t need a permanent office. You can start as a single individual and no need to employ staff members. Stephen M.S. Lal & Co. CPA is your official and legal company secretary in Hong Kong and they help you in the entire procedure of setting up the business. Another thing is that you don’t need to open bank account in Hong Kong, it can be anywhere worldwide. The process of starting up a new company is so quick that you can setup your company in 7 days.