Aniracetam has great nootropic features. These nootropic features have been extensively studied through the clinical studies carried out with many animals. Not only that this nootropic substance is used widely in the treatment of many neurological disorders, problems due to the disorders of central nervous system, cognitive disorder, and so on. It is one of the widely medicinal compounds used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. When there are so many positive results regarding the neurological treatment with Aniracetam, the compound is supposed to be the reliable remedy of the respective diseases. So you can focus and be more productive by choosing this compound to fight against the neurological problems.

What are the results of the tests?

Let’s do some excavation on the previous research and dig out the conclusions. The tests carried out on animals have revealed the nootropic character of Aniracetam. These tests were categorized as ‘tests of learning’. There Aniracetam has shown the positive effect on elevating the activity of scopolamine and hypoxia in rats and monkeys. There was another test called the maze test carried out. This test was carried out with rats and mice where Aniracetam has shown the activity to reduce the negative effect scopolamine, basal forebrain lesion and electroconvulsive shock. There is another test called passive avoidance test where this specific nootropic substance has shown the effect to reduce the partial or total loss of memory.

The studies on Aniracetam:-

So you can focus and be more productive by going through the above experimental results carried out in the clinical research regarding Aniracetam. The main use of this nootropic drug is to reduce the problem of dementia of vascular origin. There are three studies which can be used to show the effect of Aniracetam in Alzheimer’s disease. These studies have shown that after the treatment with Aniracetam, the patients were able to regain their cognitive activity to large extent. After the treatment with Aniracetam for six months, many positive results have been resulted. On the other hand the same study with the parent molecule, piracetam has not been able to give similar amount of positive results. However the trials were not so easy to get the results. Some of the trials have become unsuccessful. The studies have revealed not only the positive results regarding the learning and memory but also the positive effects in cases of Alzheimer’ disease, Parkinson’s disease; where Aniracetam enhances the neurotransmission. The clinical studies have shown that Aniracetam has profound effect on depression, anxiety, and so on.

The safety measurements:-

Most of the nootropic substances have some adverse side effect on prolong use. However Aniracetam does not have any negative impact. It is very safe to use. For the animal trials this compound did not show any effect on the food intake feature of the rodents. Even in the clinical trials with human, there has not been any massive side effect found. There is no report regarding the bad effect after taking the overdose of Aniracetam. After the withdrawal this drug no side effect have been seen. Hence it can be said that Aniracetam is very safe nootropic drug. Hence the clinical society should focus on this compound more precisely so that the use of the nootropic substance would be more productive.