Napa Restaurant Dining Guide

Napa Restaurant Dining Guide

There are several Napa restaurants that serve great dishes to locals and tourists. At these establishments, you will find delicious dishes that consist of chicken, fish, beef, or pork.


This restaurant has something for everyone during lunch hours. However, the chef only serves food Thursday through Saturday. To visit Addendum, you must venture to the garden near Ad Hoc, which is located in Yountville. The chef offers two unique entrees; you can choose the buttermilk fried chicken or a smoked meat. The fried chicken is quite crispy because the chef soaks it in a special brine. The smoked meat options, however, usually vary each day. Typically, briskets or ribs will be on the menu.

FARM at The Carneros Inn

At FARM, guests are severed casual dishes, such as risotto and lobster and duck with coffee. If you would like to enjoy a drink by the fireplace before you order your meal, you must arrive early.


Celadon has a slightly old exterior design; however, the classy tables, wine bar, unique lighting, and garden terrace are appreciated by guests. Most people choose the leg of duck confit as a starter course. It is served with a polenta and veggies or a wild rice dressing. To dine at this restaurant during lunch or dinner, you must make a reservation.


For a luxurious dining experience, Morimoto is highly recommended. Various exquisite dishes are found on the menu, such as sushi and other Japanese foods. Because there are so many great items that are worth trying, the chef offers a multi-course tasting menu. Morimoto is one of the best places in Napa to order fish dishes because the staff carefully selects each fish that is served in the restaurant.

The Boon Fly Café

The Boon Fly Café is located in Napa at the southern end. If you plan to drive to San Francisco, having a meal at Boom Fly Café is a great way to start your day. Inside the restaurant, there are many vintage tables that make the interior design pop. During breakfast, everyone orders the chef’s famous doughnuts; the doughnuts are shareable because they are served in a basket.

French Laundry

French Laundry is located in Yountville in a tiny building. If you order items from the nine-course tasting menu, you will be delighted and surprised. Various kinds of foods will be delivered to your table. You may get oysters and pearls as a first course. Then, you might receive a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with foie gras.