Muay Thai And Health Benefits With Body Vibrations

Muay Thai And Health Benefits With Body Vibrations

First and the most important thing to understand is what the term “whole body vibration” actually means and how does this technology works? Well, it’s simple as the name indicates that it’s a machine that gives a vibrating platform to its user who can utilise this technology for its known benefits. The next question is a bit difficult to understand without having an ample know-how of medical sciences. Well to make it understandable let me quote a natural vibratory mechanism to extreme cold called shivering. What happens is that heat is generated in our body because of rapid muscle movements which are in turn due to rapid muscle contractions.

What benefits do we gain? Well, continuous vibrations lead to continuous contractions that result in an increased blood flow to the muscles which aids in achieving more muscle mass gain. Vibrations generate heat that helps in burning fat. So when using a vibrating platform during exercise we can burn more fat in less time as compared to normal exercise. Moreover, increased contractions lead to improved blood supply which aids in decreasing post-exercise muscle soreness as indicated by modern researchers. In an evidence-based research, two groups of individuals were taken and were asked to perform same physical exercises for a specified time period while the only difference between them was that one group used a normal platform while the other used a vibrating platform. The results were in accordance with the aforementioned benefits. The group using vibrating platform had improved muscle performance and lower post-exercise muscle soreness. Indicated by lab reports they had a lower creatine kinase level in blood. Usually, it is due to this compound that muscles fatigue earlier than normal. Its lower level indicates why muscles don’t undergo soreness after exercise. All of this is possible due to the vibrating platform. Training camps in Thailand are also common these days that provides extensive body vibration training.

Furthermore, this platform decreases the release of a stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone when released in a normal amount is important for the body but when we undergo workout its level rises in our blood leading to stress and all the adverse effects of stress like high blood pressure, blood sugar imbalance leading to diabetes, impaired cognitive performance, high cholesterol leading to heart diseases and decreased thyroid function which means decreased growth as normal functioning of thyroid is a major determinant of body growth. To prevent these adverse effects we have two options. Either quit work-out or use the vibrating platform which is supported by search-based evidence to decrease the release of this stress hormone.

Similary, in Thailand, an extensive body exercise named Muay Thai such as is used to achieve health goals. This is more of a sport and help the natives to achieve various health goals. The purpose of this sports is to train the youngsters to combat fights and also get themselves acclimatize to various self-defense techniques.

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