Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: Proving Liability

Motorcycle accidents have become a growing instance in terms of vehicle accidents. This is due to many factors mainly the lack of protective barriers of a motorcycle and that of the difficulty of other motorists to seeing the motorcyclist or anticipating what they will do. The fact that motorcyclists have so much more of a risk, is the reason that so many accidents involving motorcycles occur. If you have found yourself the victim of a motorcycle accident, you may be very badly injured and a consultation from an attorney will be extremely important. Attorneys like those at Attkisson Law Firm can prove to be very beneficial to obtaining the injured party their just compensation.

Risks of Driving a Motorcycle:

Because motorcycles are such smaller than other vehicles, they are often harder to see. This is the case especially when the weather conditions are unfavorable. One of the most likely places of collision for a motorcyclist is at intersections where the likelihood of another motorist seeing them is slim. Another substantial risk for motorcyclists is road hazards. Things that may seem small to a car or truck can be deadly for a motorcycle. These hazards include; potholes, oil, debris, uneven pavement, and even puddles. These types of hazards can cause a motorcyclist to crash and become badly hurt. Another serious problem with driving a motorcycle involves speed. When motorcycles reach high speeds, they can begin to wobble and cause the driver to lose control. Aside from all these risks, one of the largest problems with motorcycles is the driver’s lack of knowledge and skill. If the driver is unfamiliar with what can happen on a motorcycle, they can prove to be their own worst nightmare. If you find yourself in the middle of a serious accident and you feel that the other party is at fault, you may find it very beneficial to consult with an attorney that can likely provide the best possible outcome of the case.

Proving Legal Responsibility:

According to different studies, about two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents that involve another vehicle have been caused by that other vehicle breaching the motorcyclist’s right of way. The fact that this happens, the motorcyclist that is injured must prove the legal responsibility of the other party involved. This can be done with witnesses and police reports about the incident. If the other party can prove that the motorcyclist had some fault in the accident, the driver of the motorcycle may not receive full compensation. If the accident did not involve another vehicle, the motorcyclist must prove that a design or manufacturing defect caused the accident. This means that the company who designed the motorcycle or the company that manufactured it will be liable for the costs and compensation to the injured party.

When filing a lawsuit in regards to a motorcycle accident, an attorney can give you the peace of mind needed to fight your case. You can expect them to fight for you, especially if you are badly injured and feel you are unable to fight for yourself.