Michael Eckhardt Tucson – Stop Your Kids From Suffering In The Summer Heat

Michael Eckhardt Tucson - Stop Your Kids From Suffering In The Summer Heat

I was chatting to a close friend of mine last week, Michael Eckhardt Tucson resident like myself, and we were discussing the worrying number of cases of children admitted to hospital as a result of this searing heat. I refuse to be accused as a gather who didn’t do enough to prevent the death or hospitalisation of my children here in Tucson and so I always make a great effort to keep my kids from suffering in the heat.

Here is Tucson the summer temperatures can go as high as 100 and it is even unbearable for me as an adult so I cannot imagine what my kids are going through. I love living here in Arizona but the summer months can be punishing and I find myself in a constant state of panic when it comes to my young children and their temperatures. If you are taking your kids somewhere hot this year, here are some tips on helping them suffer less in the blazing sunshine.

Direct Sunlight

The first step in protecting your kids is to avoid their exposure to direct sunlight wherever you can. It is not just the heat that causes the problems for your child, it is also the risk of sun damage or burned skin and in order to avoid this you need to make sure that you have plenty of indoor activities planned and a sheltered area outside where your kids can stay.

If you do need to take your kids out into the sunshine, avoid doing it at midday when the sun is at its hottest, and ensure that you are putting plenty of high factor sun cream on your children with regularity.

Avoiding Dehydration

Kids can get dehydrated very quickly when the heat is high and this is often what leads to many young children being taking to the doctors or hospital. You need to make sure that your kids are regularly taking fluids on board, even if they do not want to. When it comes to what they are drinking, you should be keeping it simple and giving them nothing more than water or perhaps some juice. Make sure that you are also topping your kids up with cold drinks so that you can reduce their body temperature.


The general rule of thumb that I follow when it comes to dressing my kids for a hot day is to keep them light and covered. There is nothing wrong with shorts and t-shirts but if they are going to be in the sun for a long time, this may not e the best choice. Instead try to find light and breathable fabrics which will cover the skin of your child without making them feel uncomfortable or too hot. A hat is also absolutely vital to keeping your child protected and if you are heading out on a sunny day, a hat could be the difference between your child having fun, or getting sick.