Meet The Most Prominent National Security Advisor

Security AdvisorMeet The Most Prominent National Security Advisor

Sandy Berger was globally known former American National Security Advisor, in Clinton’s administration. He is widely recognized as a wonderful personality and is known for his astounding service in the field of politics. The man is greatly revered in the world of politics for his key contribution in building great international relation.

Sandy Berger as was one of the nation’s frontline national security leaders whose outstanding role play had helped America to strengthen alliance with the countries like India, Japan or China. The American President called himself of being personally benefited with the great advises of Berger. He helped the nation to emerge as powerful and stronger by rendering wonderful service.

Some of the great awards received by Berger include the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun, offered by the Govt. of Japan to acknowledge the contributions done by Sandy Berger that helped Japan advance friendly relationship with United States. Incidentally, Berger provided both commercial and legal advices to the Embassy of Japan located in Washington DC during the period of Clinton’s administration. On 2nd December, Berger received another award ‘The Global Humanitarian’ from the community World Food Program USA in acknowledgment of his great leadership in helping families and children all over the world. For the decades, Berger worked in conjunction with the WFP in order to eliminate hunger across the world.

In the recent times Sandy Berger was working as the chief executive in the international business advisory group Albright Stonebridge Group in Washington DC. In fact, after leaving Clinton’s administration, he co-founded this international consultancy firm in order to provide specialist advisory services to multinational groups, financial institutions, and non-profit organizations as well, other industries. Albright offers consultancy in relation to market access, assessment of risk factors and solutions, international government relations, partnership developments, regulatory factors and more. Berger and his co-partners made great endeavor to get their group equipped with top consultants with financial, economical, legal and technological background.

Samuel Richard Berger majorly known as Sandy Berger was born in a Jewish family on Oct. 28, 1945, in n Millerton, NY. His father died when he was merely a child. After completion of his schooling, he got his bachelor’s degree, BA from Cornell University. Later, he completed a law degree and became JD from Harvard. While working as the speechwriter for George S. McGovern Senator in 1972 for presidential campaign, Berger met Clinton. He also worked for Jimmy Carter’s administration being its Dy. Director of policy planning, the State Department. He joined Washington based law firm Hogan & Hartson as a partner of the law firm. During this time, his major focus was dealing with overseas clients including Governments of Japan, China and Poland.