Making An Unforgettable Impression

Let’s face it. Our world is based on first impressions. Whether you’re trying to impress at work or in a more social setting, say at a bar, your first impression is how others are going to remember you by. Therefore, it is essential that every man puts an effort into how they present themselves. Freshen up on these simple tips and tricks to make yourself standout when it matters most.

People often associate memories with scent. An easy way to make yourself more memorable is by wearing a luxury cologne. Go on the hunt for something that not many people have; colognes from special collections or boutique retailers are great places to start your search. Indulge in some luxury fragrances and you won’t be forgotten. After all, is there a better compliment than being told you smell fantastic?

Another simple way to impress is by putting an effort into how you look. You don’t want to look as if you just rolled out of bed and puts some sweats and trainers on. You can easily add fashionable shoes, a nice belt, or a sleek jacket to elevate your look. Make sure your hair on the top of your head and on your face is tidy and well-groomed. When you look and feel your best, you’ll impress.

An easy way to impress others that many people often forget, is making eye contact. Those who make eye contact are often perceived as being more trustworthy, confident, and personable. Eye contact can make you more appealing while simultaneously improving the quality of interaction you’re having with someone. As you’re engaging in eye contact, make sure you’re smiling warmly and standing up straight. These simple things can go a long way.

Reading may seem like an independent activity, but it can actually turn you into a good conversationalist. This doesn’t mean you have to read all of the classics nor every column of the newspaper. Simply put, the more well-read you are the more likely you’ll be able to engage with others. So, head to your local library, invest in a Kindle, subscribe to a newspaper, or join a book club to get started.

These tips are simple, yet realistic ways for you to impress people around you. By putting an effort into your grooming and appearance, you’ll seem attractive. When you smile, stand up straight, and make eye contact, people will want to talk to you. And finally, when you add reading to your daily schedule, you’ll find it easier to contribute to conversations effortlessly.