Make Your Salon A Cut Above The Rest

Make Your Salon A Cut Above The Rest

When running a salon, you have the opportunity to be a cut above the competition if everything falls into place.

Everything falling into place means making sure that not only are your salon services top-notch, but also that your customer service initiatives stand out from the crowd.

So, how do you go about doing the latter?

If you deploy the latest technology, you increase the odds of not only staying up to speed on your billing and other in-house needs, but you also increase the chances of having happy customers, customers who appreciate your willingness to put them first.

Technology and Its Role for Your Business

In order for your salon to be the go-to style place in town, having a Salon appointment book that meets all of your requirements should be a necessity, not a choice.

With the right appointment book in play, you can be on top of:

  • Scheduling – First and foremost, you need to be sure your scheduling matters don’t get out of kilter. If that happens, you run the risk of backups during the day or night, backups that could anger some of your clientele. Instead of doing everything the old-fashioned way, that is writing in appointments in a book and hoping they show up, use technology to record everything on your computer. With a quick click, you can see how many appointments you have for the day, the time spacing between each client (see more below), and where your busiest portion of the day is going to be. Your employees can also access one main computer in the salon to see when their respective clients are slated to stop in;
  • Spacing – Undoubtedly, you will get some clients who will take longer to get done than others. When this happens, your overall flow of getting customers in and out in an orderly manner can become disrupted. Having the right Salon appointment book in your operation means you can set aside the proper blocks of time for each customer. Maybe one customer typically has more issues that must be dealt with and/or likes to talk a lot during the appointment. One or both of those scenarios can lead to longer appointment times, meaning the person next up is not being serviced at their appointed time. When you use the proper software to make each and every scheduled appointment, you can better handle the daily pace of things;
  • Reminders – Invariably, you will have some customers who are just not good about remembering to show up on time for their appointments. When this occurs, your daily schedule can easily be thrown into confusion and ultimately unhappy customers (not to mention staff). Lessen the odds of such a mess taking place by using the right software program. With great software in place, you can send out regular reminders to each and every client, reminding them of the specific day and time for their next visit;
  • Employees – Unless you are able to be so many things for so many people, you’re likely going to need to hire some help to keep your salon busy enough to bring in quality revenue. With that in mind, a solid software program allows you to see when your employees are scheduled to work, who their clients are and more. With a simple click of the computer, there’s no need to try and decipher hand writing on an office calendar and/or schedule book. The software program will neatly display the daily slate of clients for each and every employee you have.

Running any kind of business takes not only stellar time management, but also being able to keep each and every customer happy.

When your customers depart your place of business with a smile on their faces, you know you’ve done their job yet again to earn their trust and satisfaction.

So that level of trust and appreciation never dissipates, make sure you are always using the latest in software to keep your brand humming along.

If your company has been lacking in making time efficiency one of the cornerstones of your brand, change the direction of your business moving forward.

By having the right software in place, your salon (or other such business) can be a cut above the rest.