Major Areas To Focus On While Selecting Yellow Gold Earrings

Gold earrings have been one of the most popular pieces of jewelry since ancient times. In many countries, gold was regarded as standard for earrings as it has been traditionally regarded as a fine metal. If you are fond of jewelry and want to acquire a set of the most exquisite earrings, then you should follow the steps that have been mentioned below:-


The cost of the earrings will depend largely on the amount of gold content they have. These earrings can be made in three ways. The ones that are made from solid gold are made completely from a gold alloy. The amount of gold that will be used depends on carat designation. Normally, earrings with lower carats are more durable as they are alloyed with nickel, a strong metal. In gold filled earrings, gold is bound to the base metal, and so it will last over a long span of time. The ones that come with gold plating have a thin layer of gold. It is plated over a base metal and has shorter durability.


Go for the earrings that tell about your personal characteristics to people around you. If you are a person with an outgoing personality, then go for flashy, bold earrings. On the other hand if you are a creative sort of person, then go for distinctive, eclectic style of earrings.


The earrings that you opt for should go well with the size of your face as well as the shape of your body. Women who have a large build look gorgeous with long earrings. On the other hand, women with short stature look great with small gold earrings.

Skin Tone

For people with a fair complexion, earrings of white gold or rose gold are most suitable. If you have a pale skin tone, then white gold will make you look more paler. Rose gold on the other hand will highlight the pink overtones of your skin. Therefore, yellow gold would be the best option. Yellow gold is also suitable for women with an olive skin tone.

Face Shape

All women look for jewelry pieces that go well with their face shapes. For ladies with oval face shapes, big hoops are most suitable. On the other hand, long or angular earrings are ideal for women with round face shapes. If in case you have a square shaped face, then opting for studs would be a good idea as they won’t attract people’s attention to the shape of your face.