Magnesium: The Little Mineral That Helps Your Body Stay Strong

Magnesium: The Little Mineral That Helps Your Body Stay Strong

Psst! Are you getting enough magnesium? Experts say that a lot of people are not getting the proper amount of this important mineral. Magnesium is needed for overall good health including normal blood pressure, strong bones and a steadily beating heart. Isn’t it time that you got your daily magnesium? Let’s talk about how to help your body stay and keep strong.

What’s at Risk if You Don’t Get Enough Magnesium?

If you are one of the many who aren’t getting the daily requirement needed, you could be vulnerable to serious health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. Any of these diseases will affect one’s life permanently. Improve your chances of being diagnosed with one of these health conditions by simply taking the proper recommended magnesium tablets each day: an ideal option.

How Much Magnesium Should I Take?

Anyone that takes supplements should keep in mind that many of these vitamins and minerals exist in foods that we eat. Do keep in mind the recommended daily amount of magnesium when taking your magnesium tablets as well as planning your meals, as both will assist you in meeting these goals. The amount of magnesium or any mineral that you would take depends, in part, on how old you are as well as if you are male or female. Pregnant women may also want to increase the amount of magnesium they ingest. For example, a teenage male from 14 to 18 years would take 410 mg a day and a teenage girl the same age would take 360 mg. A male 31 to 50 years of age would take 420 mg and a female would take 320 mg. A pregnant woman in that age range would take 360 mg and a lactating (nursing) woman would take 320 mg.

What Foods Have Magnesium?

You’ll find magnesium in foods you may enjoy such as fish, beans and whole grains. They also can be found in vegetables including leafy dark greens and avocados. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be pleased to know that it exists in bananas, dried fruit and dark chocolate. Magnesium also is in a serving of yogurt. As you can see, magnesium is in some popular foods that many people enjoy regularly. But you may not be getting quite enough of it to meet the daily requirements.

Who Should Take Magnesium?

Both adults and children can take magnesium tablets. Senior citizens can take this mineral also. Everyone needs magnesium; simply the amount of it may be slightly adjusted depending on your age, gender and specific needs.

Add the Magnesium Habit to Your Day

Experts have stated that many are low in magnesium, but it is easy to improve this situation with minimal fuss. First, find the recommended daily intake of magnesium for your age and gender. Then choose a magnesium tablet that you like. Look to add a few foods that have magnesium into your weekly meal planning. It’s easy to make small steps to create healthy changes that affect your long-term health.