Luxury Ski Holidays Around The World

There are many reasons to indulge in luxury ski holidays. If you are looking to take a holiday that will keep you in good shape, give you a fun experience, and leave you feeling pampered and in good spirits, a ski holiday is just the trip for you. Rich and luxurious accommodations await to give you the holiday experience that you will never forget.

The Oxford Ski Company has been an authority in travel for almost two decades. They will help you plan your holiday in accordance with every little personal detail you require. The experts who help plan your holiday will provide you with personal service and advice, and offer you the finest of their hand-picked properties, from luxury ski chalets, lodges, and luxury hotels around the world. You can put your trust in them for planning the best ski holidays you could imagine.

Resorts Around the World

For your next ski holiday, take your pick from luxury resorts in six of the most popular ski destinations around the world, including France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the United States, and Canada. No matter where you are in the world, your perfect ski holiday is waiting for you nearby.

Luxurious Hotels and Spas

Ideal for short holidays or long weekends, staying in a luxurious hotel can be a comfortable, convenient, and memorable way to feel as though you have been on a month-long holiday. Unique style, impeccable service, outstanding food, and beautiful rooms are just some of the features you can expect on your luxury ski holiday. Between the amazing services and the endless pampering at the spa on site, you may completely forget the ski part of your holiday.

What to Expect During a Luxury Ski Holiday

A typical day during a luxury ski holiday trip may begin with a hot cup of fine tea in the morning. A rich and delicious breakfast can be found at one of the gourmet restaurants on location, and will help you gear up for a long day filled with adrenaline out on the slopes. Be sure to take a break for an exquisite afternoon feast which may be prepared just for you according to your tastes. When the sun has gone down and it’s time to take a rest, relax with a high quality wine and a delicious dinner.

If you wish to take a day off from skiing, there will be plenty to indulge in around your hotel or resort. Take advantage of the many relaxing services the spa has to offer for a calm, serene morning. Have lunch by an indoor pool, or relax by the fire in your room.

Everyone wants to experience a holiday that will make them feel rich and famous. Luxury ski holidays are the ultimate in both relaxation and adventure and will make anyone feel like royalty. The scope of your ski holiday is limitless. From swimming pools and bathtubs by the mountainside to a personal chef and so much more, book your trip today and look forward to your holiday in the spotlight.

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