Luxury Holidays In Sicily: Relaxing Beach Vacation VS Exciting Ski Adventures

It is usual thing to call Sicily the cradle of civilization. This is the place where the rich history, admiring nature and folk traditions live together. Besides, Sicilian vacation is the world of admirable city sights, built and natural. Ancient monuments of Greek and Byzantine sculptors, Arabian and Norman artists impress tourists. This is the place to find a unique style of Sicilian baroque. Of course, never forget about the warm pleasant sea, high mountains, and food traditions. This is the paradise of seafood, cheese and wine. So, which way of travelling to choose? What is the best vacation for your family, on a beach or in the mountains?

Have Rest on the Beach

The best time to have beach vacation is from May till November. The water has perfect temperature. Anyway, the climate is soft and you have good rest the year round. November is time for mountains, but not for beach vacation. So, if you want to learn city sights more than swim in the sea, you should come in autumn. If you want to have sunny and warm weather, you should go to the Southern part of an island. The Southern cities are perfect to have beach rest any time, any season.

The Best Place to Rest in Sicily

The island is good for different leisure. Its natural conditions supposed to have the bigger part of big cities on the seaside. The most interesting places of Sicily are situated in the big cities and provinces. So, there is no problem to go anywhere and spend your time according to your interests. If you are interested in history, it is better to go to one of the big city centers of Sicily. They are Catania, Syracuse, Trapani and the capital city – Palermo. First of all, all touristic roads start from big cities. You can hire a car in Catania and go whenever you want. It is not about Messina, it is not easy to get to any of desired interesting places from there.

So, to have fun on the beach you should go to the South or North. Obviously, Palermo is rich in city sights, beautiful nature and historical monuments. From the other side, Palermo is noisy and overcrowded city. The provinces of big cities are full of well-equipped beach territories in 10-15 minutes.

Have Rest on a Mountain Ski

What is Sicily for you? Of course, you can say that it is a good place for beach rest, excursion programs and Sicilian cuisine. If you are experienced tourists, you may say about the perfect diving, thermal resorts. Just few people know that Sicily is also a good place for skiing. There are three main ski mountain resorts in Sicily. Two of them are situated on the sides of the glorious volcano Etna. The last one is placed in the mountains not far from Palermo.

Nicilosi Ski Trail, Etna

It is situated in the South of Etna, not far from Nicolosi. The destination from the city to the nearest funicular is 9.5 kilometers. The resort differs with the longest trails. Nevertheless, the most of them are for experienced skiers and snowboarders. You can get to Nicolosi by car from Catania by SP10 road. Follow the signs Nicolosi and Etna Sud on the go. There is a chance to get there by bus from AST Company. It goes from the central Bus Station at 8.45 a.m. You can come back to Catania at 4 p.m.

Nord Linguaglossa Ski Trail, Etna

This trail is situated in the North side of Etna, close to Linguaglossa city. This trail is the perfect place for newcomers. The sides are not high and calm. Nevertheless, there are three trails for experienced skiers. There are three funiculars in the city.

You can easily get to Linguaglossa by car. You should go from Catania-Messina road to Fiumefreddo. Follow signs Etna Nord and Piano Provenzana. You may also use car. It is a pity, but you cannot get to the North side of the mountain by public transport. So, try to get to Fiumefreddo by bus or train and catch taxi from there. It is recommended to call for taxi online or use rental car services in Catania. This is a chance to save time and money.

Piano Battaglia Ski Trail, Palermo

This ski resort was popular place in the 20th century. It was decided to stop its work in 2006. Nevertheless, this place was renewed and rebuilt in 2013. It was spent about 4 million EUR.  All city guests have a great opportunity to use modern ski resort. Because of this place Sicily is called to be the Southern Ski Center in Europe. This place is situated in the province of Palermo, in the North part of an island. It is situated on a top of a mountain. So, you can ski the whole season here.

The ski resorts much depends on Etna Volcano. Its character is unexpected and dangerous. You may use two funiculars: Mufaretta and Mufara. They both are equipped with comfortable cabins. There is a plan to build one more lift because of mass of tourists.

You can get to Piano by car. This is the best way of travelling in Sicilia. You should go on the road of A19 (Palermo-Catania). The next step is following: turn to Tremonzelli (SS120 road), go to the village Petralia Sottana and turn SP54 road to Piano Battaglia. The best way to reach this popular ski descent is travelling from Catania by car. You should go on the road of A19 (Catania-Palermo) to the sign Tremonzelli (SS120 road). Then you should go to Petralia Sottana and Piano Battaglia.

You can also get from Messina by car. Choose A20 road (Messina-Palermo). You should reach Castelbuono – Pollina crossing sign and go to Isnello. Follow the road signs Piano Battaglia. Actually, it does not matter which way of travelling you choose. Never forget to book hotel room online beforehand. It is very important for having good rest in the mountain or on the beach, whatever.