Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Take it from the professionals – crash diets only serve to frustrate and disappoint. As Americans increase in size, so does the industrial sized market of weight loss products and get thin quick schemes.  We are an impatient culture and want everything now.  If you’re overweight and have difficulty finding great plus size fashions, or are simply tired of having to turn to specialty shops, consider embarking on a new lifestyle instead of yet another ‘get thin quick’ scheme that designed to take both you money and your dignity.

Get moving. Get rid of sugar. These are the two steps that will have the greatest impact of both your weight and energy level. Often times you don’t want to get off the couch because of sheer lethargy. Sugar and inactivity work together to keep your body sedentary. Our bodies are not designed to process the amount of sugar added to foods today. Begin by eliminating added sugars from your diet. This includes all types of sodas, sweet cereals, baked goods and candy bars.  Consider adding cinnamon or honey to satisfy your sweet tooth. Know that sugar is addictive and your body will go through withdrawals. Drink plenty of water, remind yourself of the long term benefits and your cravings should substantially lessen within four to five days.  Second, limit white carbs from your daily consumption. This includes pasta, potatoes, white bread and white rice.  They add volume, metabolize into sugar and are stored by the body as fat reserves. Unless you’re a high powered athlete, your body does not need large quantities of carbs. Replace the quantities of sugar and white carbs eliminated with large portions of fresh vegetables.

Finally, get moving.  Commit to taking a brisk 20 minute walk each day.  You’ll have the energy now that carbs and sugar have been eliminated from your system.  In addition to walking, four to five days a week, engage in an activity that you enjoy. This can include gardening, housekeeping, kayaking or dancing. The objective is to get moving and begin to increase your metabolic rate. This is the rate at which your body burns calories.

Within three weeks you’ll begin to feel stronger, healthier and lighter. This will serve as motivation to maintain your new, healthy lifestyle habits. Good luck to you!

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