Life Of The Skin At Night

Life Of The Skin At Night

During the night the activity of the skin increases as it is your time to get regenerate, so be sure to help you with the right products.


While sleeping at night the body works to try to repair all the damages that have been caused during day. This is because during sleep, hormone levels known as cortisol, so reducing the skin becomes thinner. Further increases melatonin, the sleep hormone that acts as an effective antioxidant that repairs damage caused by UVA.

Also a totally sleep increases the effectiveness of growth hormones that repair instruct the cells that produce elastin and collagen, responsible for skin firmness.

While resting you go through five distinct phases: sleepiness, light sleep, a transition to deep sleep, deep sleep or delta phase and REM stage in which the brain is in full activity. Cell division occurs in all, but which is actually the last regenerated form of a deep skin.

Night Creams

Therefore night creams are those with the most well be those that include a greater number of active technological formulas. And the skin gets better leverage all the vitamins and nutrients night since morning continue to act as a protective barrier, making it the perfect shell to protect the skin from external aggressions.

During the day the skin has to fight against oxidation and free radicals. But during the night is when you are prepared to repair any damage you need creams that help enhance the regenerative action and contain assets to promote cell division and sufficient nutrition to restore hydration and lost lipids levels.

It is for these reasons that the formulas that have night creams are the most complete and certainly can also be put in the mornings, whenever a sunscreen is added, but not vice versa as there would be pointless to apply a cream day overnight as it lacks the skin nutrition required.

Some Surprising Allies

You can use humidifiers as additions in the bedroom while sleeping. Besides improving breathing, relative humidity with the heaters tend to end and helps skin regain balance and desirable levels of hydration is increased.

A good habit is also change the pillowcase, preferably by a silk. First of all this fabric is not rubbing but also because they help maintain hydration.