Kolkata Just Turned Into Venice

Because of the heavy rains from last two days, one of the biggest cities of India, named Kolkata, was totally flooded under the rain water.   Almost the knee heighted water had given the “river” looks to the regular streets.  Even it has turned into such situation that people will require to search for boat instead of searching motor vehicles whenever they are about to go outside.  It is a common in Kolkata to facing the huge storage of rain water in the road. But this time, the rain falls in an excess way, and that’s why the sufferings of people had also increased.

Well Kolkata is very charming city for the tourists and shopping loving people. This place is also very well known for different kinds of culture and especially the Bengali tradition.  Every year, a huge number of tourists from home and abroad, used to visit Kolkata every year, in order to shopping to visiting this holy city which has too many temples and other religious spots too. The Kolkata also collects a great number of funds from this tourist section every year. This tragic event was uncovered and streamed by major news network.

Like the other months, this rainy season is very much favourites to the tourists. But because of the non stoppable excess rain, it was quite difficult to move for the local people, rest from tourist. By containing too much rainwater in the road still now, the Kolkata city is looking like the Venice, which is a very recommended city of Italy to tourist’s view which has a lake surrounding the whole city. But it was the natural looks of the Venice, not like the uneasy situation that’s similar to Kolkata. This rain water just messed the whole Kolkata area.

The opposition party of India had strictly complained against the local government of Kolkata that only because of the carelessness of the government, this messy situation occurred. If the sanitation and water pipes was organized properly and the drainage system was controlled carefully, then public needed not to suffer this watery situation. But the mayor of the Kolkata took this complain very lightly and said that the condition of this city is not too much worse as they are complaining. This less amount of water can be easily removed within the few hours and the roads will be alright like the previous condition.

Therefore, after reaching the spot, it has found that, the main scene of Kolkata is seriously not too much good at all. The people don’t go outside without the crying need of anything. So those, almost every house has to suffer from the scarcity of sufficient foods. Especially the day laborers are facing this worst situation most. Their daily income had stopped because of the heavy rains and water .In fact the daily lives have to get paused because of this uncontrolled situation. Hope that this condition will be improved as soon as possible as Kolkata will get its colorful looks again.