Kolkata – A Look Into The Lifestyle Of The People In The City

Kolkata - A Look Into The Lifestyle Of The People In The City

The overly populated city of Kolkata set in the eastern part of the country is nothing short of fascinating. The city never ceases to amaze any visitor, and although the traffic may seem chaotic and the whole city may at times feel disorderly, it all adds up to the charm of the city.

One of the most vibrant cities in India, there is a reason Kolkata is called the “City of Joy”. It is evaluated as one of the top visitor destinations to visit in India. It is the second biggest city in India and prestigious as the capital of West Bengal. Kolkata gloats of a major sightseeing scene and offers a great deal of sightseeing options for visitors. From modern man made wonders to ancient monuments, parks, old schools built during the colonial rule and various other sites.

Kolkata has been a commercial centre since the time of the British rule and has been known throughout the world as a trade centre. The city till today continues to be one of the top commercial cities in India not far from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Mumbai to Kolkata flight are operated on a daily basis and not only passengers, the flights in this route carry a good deal of supplies for the whole Eastern region of India. No wonder it is the commercial capital of East India.

Rather than just exploring the city, you can also buy things and go for shopping. Shopping is endless in the city and it has everything from the top brands and designer wear to the most colourful and vibrant cheap street wear. You can likewise purchase some lovely painstaking work, magnificent Bankura steeds, sarees made of one of a kind fabrics and immaculate calfskin stuff. Most imperative, don’t miss the mouth-watering Rasgullas of Kolkata; the pride of Kolkata. Before digging into the street food of the city, the soft round balls truly tastes heavenly. Fish is the staple for people of this city. You cannot be a Bengali and not eat fish, which makes you like a cat that does not like milk. From fine dining restaurants themed and designed depicting the rich culture and history of the city to the street food, Kolkata is simply a foodie’s paradise.

Kolkata is known for being a broadminded city. The people of the city encourage art and unconventional lifestyle which sets it apart from most places in India. A child can aspire to be a poet, dancer, singer or sportsperson and no parents will discourage them unlike most parts of India where the fate and future of the children are decided by the parents right from childhood to marriage. This is one reason the city has produced and keeps on producing a good breed of people from arts and literature. Some of the biggest names in the film, literature and sports industry are from this city. Bengalis take genuine pride in their scholarly and aesthetic legacy. Try not to be deluded by their quiet mien—numerous Bengalis adoration to talk about, and the subject might now and then appear to be superfluous. As an individuals, they adore their customs and convention, regardless of the way that they have likewise ended up unshakable mavericks and rebels.