Know About Importance Of Door Frames

Know About Importance Of Door Frames

Doors are for safety. Yes, designs, materials, crafts and carvings are important for the aesthetic sense; but the most important purpose served by a door is providing safety. But, what we often tend to forget is the fact that door frames are the primary and most important thing that is needed to be checked foremost. Most of the people tend to make a mistake of selecting a door minutely but not paying attention to the door frames at all.

This is where the entire problem lies. Because, door frames are those wooden structures in which a door is fitted properly. It solely depends on the frame how the door will fit in a particular place and how strong the fitting would be. Most of the people ignore in choosing how good the frame is. They tend to forget to examine the door frame quality. One always gives emphasis on the door material durability and how strong a door lock is. Though these things are very important, yet if a door is fitted in a not so good frame, then all the strength goes in vain. This is because a door can be kicked down anytime from outside if it is not fitted well.

What is a Door Frame?

Door frames are mainly some wooden structures where a door can be fitted well. Door frame manufacturers keep in mind the durability of the wood material by which a frame is made, because this is the most important thing. There are open door frames and close door frames. Open door frames are mainly used in public building structures like hospitals (where wheelchairs are used), shopping malls and close door frames are mostly used in private households. Inward fitting doors and outward fitting doors needs different types of frames to be fitted in.

Strong and Durable Door Frames

Door frames are mainly made of wood as they are easily available and also cost effective. Wooden door frames are thus very common but the manufacturers should be very particular on what wood material they choose for making the frames. This is because; the entire safety measure lies with the door frames. Wooden frames are good but sometimes outside pressure and splintering can cause cracks even in wooden frames. To prevent that frame manufacturers often use a steel frame over the wood so that it can resist the outside pressure. In fact, apart from steel a manufacturer can also use materials like PVC, fiber glasses or aluminum for the same effect. These materials serve to be a strong base in a wooden frame.

It is said that a common door frame contains two jambs that run parallel to each other. It also contains a seal which is needed to lock the door to the frame since it is fitted perfectly. One can also go for other materials rather than choosing a wooden door frame, but the durability of the frame depends completely on what material you choose.

Door frames are to be chosen wisely. This has a security measure.