Kimberly Dey – Multifaceted Successful Businesswoman Of Honolulu

Kimberly Dey - Multifaceted Successful Businesswoman Of Honolulu

Honolulu is a famous business center, a very famous tourist place, which attracts thousands of people around the world. The entire city gets busy throughout the day, where lot many activities takes place. And for Kimberly Dey, it is a place which has allowed her to show all her business skills and her talent.

She has always shown excellent acumen while dealing with various business challenges. Every challenge she had faced has turned into an exceptional opportunity which not only helped her in expanding the business operations but it also allows her to extend aids and facilities to the people who are in need.  Her business ideas and her efforts were well recognized when she received many awards in past few years.

Horse Breeding Business

Kimberly and her love for horses remained as a part of her favorite business affaire. As a CEO and owner of NumberEight (N8), she planned and executed better business strategies. Kimberly has been managing various activities and business portfolios. Being a horse lover and a sportsperson, her first priority is to look after the horse breeding center well. While working as a board of advisor at Aina Koa Pono LLC, she offered the best grooming and training facilities to the horses.

Most of her horses have won many rewards and affiliations in the national and international tournaments. Kimberly herself has participated in World Champion Amateur Hunter Rider tournament and she has won international awards consecutively two times, which is a rare feat for any Asian American.

Successful Equestrian

The lady loves her horses so much that she started the business of breeding horses on her own. She has established a central place for the horses to be groomed and trained by the experts. She has a collection of various horses belonging to different parts of the world and which are brushed up with extra care and concern with the help of professional experts. The high-class horses are well taken care of and are trained to qualify for the worldwide horse riding tournaments.

Kimberly serves as the Chief Executive Officer and owner of NumberEight (N8). Ms. Dey is the lead officer in charge of facilitating business arrangements and determining, aligning and pursuing the strategic vision of N8. An entrepreneur by nature, Ms. Dey operates a portfolio of several other business entities, including an accomplished sports horse breeding business, which is an extension of her love for horses, competition, and sport. She serves as Member of the Board of Advisors at Aina Koa Pono LLC. Her horses have earned numerous national and international awards and she, herself, is an established rider who was the World Champion Amateur Hunter Rider for two consecutive years and the first Asian American to win such honors.

Real Estate Investment

Kimberly Dey always suggests her clients, not to invest under your own name, which is risky and there is a chance of losing your property and personal assets. Always consult with the lawyers about the legal matters relating to the limited partnership or Limited Liability Company. In order to protect your business, you should always learn to get funds for the investments. Never make use of collateral for the mortgage loan for the business.