Karwa Chauth- Life Meant To Live With You

Karwa Chauth- Life Meant To Live With You

The way we Indians are entwined to all our relationships through rituals, customs, and traditions, no other country in this world does that. And this is the only reason why we Indians are so much connected to our people, family, and friends. We have festivals cherishing the lovely bond of husband and wife in the name of Karwa Chauth.

We never hear about any other bond that binds us for 7 births. May be because, it’s the better halves who remain beside each other in every stage of life till death. Get Karwa Chauth gifts for your friends, family, relatives, and wives, who are maintain this sacred day. Thali containing sieve, roli chawal, and water vessel are easily available online nowadays. The sacred thread of love between a husband and wife is intensified on this day. You may also buy garments and ornaments to wish your near and dear ones on this festive occasion.

A wife keeps a daylong fast for her husband praying for a longer life of the husband. This fast is generally a tough one as the wife cannot even drink water. When the moon emerges, the couple goes outside in the lawn or terrace and sees the moon first through a sieve and then her husband. The husband then breaks the fast by feeding her sweet and water. Some husbands also follow the same ritual for their wives. From getting up early in the morning for making your breakfast to ironing your clothes to keeping your lunch ready and then managing all other domestic chores, she is hardly left with any time for herself. This ritual proves her love for you. So, definitely you have to buy her some precious Karwa Chauth gifts. After entering into your life as a wife, she is loaded with so many responsibilities that the little princess she used to be once upon a time, dies inside her.

The daily works to keep your home clean and safe is not enough, she also has to maintain rituals like Karwa Chauth so that she gets to be your wife in every birth she takes. Such is her powerful love. She won’t say you out loudly about her wishes and desires until you ask her. So, make it a habit to talk to her about her dreams and wishes rather than only filling up the time with gossips of your office. Loving you is not only her duty and responsibility but her decision as well just like yours. When she can do so many things in a single day, can’t you do at least one?

You can help her clean the kitchen after dinner, filling buckets before sleeping, chopping the vegetables for tomorrow, etc.

So, acknowledge all her sacrifices, big or little, and never ever let her alone in this crowd. Because she may live without you, but you cannot even manage a few hours without her.