Job Portals In South Africa and Networking For Candidates

South Africa’s economic climate is defined by varying factors but the nature of job seeking has been transformed by online aggregators like to encourage proactive job hunting. Networking is another aspect of finding the ideal job for candidates and the internet has simplified this because it becomes easier for candidates to make contact with potential employers.

Many jobseekers seem to testify that finding employment through networking is a more a fruitful exercise rather than passively applying to jobs. Recruitment websites and websites like Zigoare transforming the candidates and recruiters interact because the recruiter gets an all-round idea of what the candidate is capable of and whether they will fit into the organisational culture. The advent of social media has taken away a lot of hard work for both recruiters and job seekers in terms of networking because by simply updating their profile once in a while, the candidate is more visible to a variety of employers.

It is also imperative for candidates to create their profiles for job boards to delineate their strengths efficiently and steer clear of applying to jobs that they are not qualified for. Online networking is ideal for people who may not be actively looking for work online but if the right offer comes along they may take it. Despite the advent of social networking it has become increasingly important to manage relationship with potential employers effectively. Once a recruiter picks up on someone’s name they can begin to cross reference them across platforms before making contact. The zigo blog provide more details regarding the social media role in a new era

Online and social networking is an ongoing task in relationship management; once a recruiter pulls a CV from an online recruitment website, an important process in finding the ideal candidate has begun. Even if the candidate is under or over qualified for the role, employers should ensure a positive impression of the company is sustained in the candidates perspective.

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