Issues With The Air Compressor

If you have an air compressor, then you know that they are handy to have around the home or a business for issues that involve putting air into tires, inflating mattresses and items that float as well as a host of other situations that involve a large amount of air at one time. There are air compressor repair Denver Colorado businesses that can fix an issue in a short amount of time, but you need to know what to tell the business first.

At times, the compressor might not turn on in the proper way. The first thing that you can do is check that the plug is in the wall and that the outlet has power. Take away all extension cables so that the compressor is the only thing plugged in, which will determine if it’s really the machine or the power source. A similar issue is that the machine keeps tripping the breaker. Examine the breaker to see if it’s hot when it’s tripped as this can be a sign that the breaker needs to be replaced. If there is too much power being drained from the breaker, then this could also cause it to trip.

The point of having a compressor is that it gives you air when it’s needed. If the machine doesn’t seem to have an output of air, you need to check the hoses to ensure that there isn’t a leak anywhere. You also want to check all of the seals. The valve could also be faulty and not fitting correctly into the item that you’re inflating.

If the machine is running hot, then it can cause it to short out. At times, it could cause the machine to catch on fire. Make sure that the machine is in a properly ventilated area and that there isn’t anything on top of the machine that would cause it to overheat. There is a duty cycle that you don’t want the machine to run past, which can cause the unit to overheat and malfunction. If the unit slows down, check to see that the motor is properly lubricated and that there is clean oil.