Ishq Subhan Allah Full Episode Zee TV Wiki Story and Release Date

Ishq Subhan Allah Full Episode Zee TV Wiki Story and Release Date

In Ishq Subhan Allah Supreme Being Ruksaar says to Kabir and Miraj that i will be able to bring refreshments. Kabir thanks her for serving their guests. Kabir thinks Hamdan is thus lucky to urge a groom-to-be like Ruksaar.

Ruksaar involves Zara in room and says provide Maine some place, I actually have to form tea. Zara moves away. Ruksaar says capitalist is coming back from my aspect thus tea are going to be from Maine too, I simply hope capitalist signs the deal, she says you aforementioned Kabir is your husband however Kabir is my obsession and can be mine. Zara says Kabir is my husband and love and he’s nothing for you. Ruksaar says he may be your love however you’re not his love and that i will stake it. Zara glares at him.

Ruksaar brings tea for Miraj and Kabir. Zara sees them from balcony and thinks God save Kabir and his project from Ruksaar, i would like his project to finish however not with unhealthy individuals, God show Maine the way. Miraj says to Kabir that i’m affected together with your project and that i need to speculate therein project, we’ll nail down the deal during a day or 2. Kabir thanks him and provides him project file. Miraj turns to depart however Kabir asks servant to require his gifts back. Kabir says i’m sorry however we tend to dont take gifts from guests coming back here for 1st time, I hope this deal is finalized then we are able to exchange gifts however until then i’m sorry. Zara hears it and smiles and says nice my priest, thank God. Miraj says we’ve one ritual too, we tend to dont take back the gifts already given, if you wish, I will keep these gifts in my automotive and after we have our deal finalized when on a daily basis or 2 then you cant say no to them. Kabir says okay I agree. Ruksaar says tell Nilofar if she comes here next time then bring her here to fulfill North American country. He says positive, he says I ought to leave currently. Kabir hugs him, he smirks at Ruksaar and appears at Zara standing on balcony and obvious at him, she leaves from there. Zara calls Reema associated says Maineet me in [*fr1] an hour and produce Imran too.

Reema and Imran meets Zara. Reema says however are you able to do that? Zara says Ruksaar have brought associate capitalist and says his Miraj Ali and that i didnt realize him right. Imran asks why? Zara thinks I cant tell them regarding geographical area. Zara says he was acting weird, he wasn’t abundant curious about project. Imran searches him on net. Reema says he’s hot, Imran glares at her. Imran says he’s city manager of Meerat, he appears made and person. Imran says i’m coming back to fulfill Kabir, all of them leave.

Reema, Imran and Zara involves house. Imran involves meet Kabir, Kabir asks however so much is Merat from here? Imran says shortly away, Kabir says you’re going there these days, he provides him file and says search regarding this man, he’s associate capitalist, he desires to speculate in our project, he provides him Miraj Ali’s file and says this file has his info, he’s Ruksaar’s friend’s brother, i would like you to seek out out if everything is correct as written during this file, you’ve got solely 2 days as a result of then we’ll nail down the deal. Imran recollects however Zara aforementioned Miraj appears funny, they leave from there. Ruksaar comes there and takes her phone from there that had been recording Kabir and Miraj’s speak. She calls Miraj and sends him Kabir’s audio, he says i will be able to handle everything, she says how? i would like to fulfill you. Ayaan comes there and hears her. Miraj says Maineet me at smart luck restaurant , she leaves. Zara was concealment behind her. She asks Ayaan wherever did Ruksaar? he says to smart luck restaurant , she thanks him and leaves.

Scene 2

Ruksaar involves meet Miraj at restaurant . They sit down. Zara is sitting there in burka. Miraj orders fruit drink. Ruksaar says i’m sorry that Kabir came back your gifts.. he recollects staring at Zara and says once mission is larger than little things dont matter. Ruksaar says Kabir is like that, he has clean heart. He says I actually have started knowing him, Ruksaar says i would like to raise if the cash you’re investment is yours or somebody else? He says you’re talking like my recent lover, she accustomed investigate that abundant, dont worry regarding cash, your work are going to be done. Ruksaar says Kabir are going to be asking all those queries, I dont care regarding something, simply my work ought to be done. Goodbye, he greets her, she leaves. Zara hears everything. Miraj calls somebody and says cash is arranged? okay twig transferred from geographical area.. affirmative bird is close to cage currently. Zara is afraid to listen to it and recollects Siraj’s incident, she thinks what his reference to Kashmir? Miraj leaves from there, Zara follows him.

Zara follows Miraj’s automotive, she sees him getting to a society. He gets down from automotive and starts walking. Zara follows him. Some men starts following Zara and gathers round her, they raise wherever area unit you going? does one need our help? he harass her, Miraj is already gone from there. Zara appearance around. Zara tries to depart however men keep stopping her. Zara runs from there and gets in automotive. She says its not a decent place to be alone.

Kabir is asking Zara however sees her phone in area. Zara comes there. Kabir says wherever area unit you coming back from at this time? you didnt even take your phone. Zara says you dont apprehend what I saw, that capitalist.. Kabir says no I actually have told you we’ll not mention it, he leaves. Zara thinks i will be able to show him proof that Ruksaar is cheating him.

Ishq Subhan Allah Full Episode
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