Is Hybrid Cloud Hosting The Right Solution For Your Business?

Is Hybrid Cloud Hosting The Right Solution For Your Business

Hybrid cloud hosting solution is becoming more and more popular among businesses who want to get a middle ground between soaring hosting cost and utility. Dedicated server hosting has already established itself as a great hosting solution. However, cloud solutions are being preferred by many businesses because of the less maintenance costs (especially in terms of infrastructural investment) associated with it.

Genesis of Hybrid Clouds

When we talk about cloud hosting, the most secured version of cloud is private cloud. Dedicated nature of this cloud computing makes it very costly. This cost factor makes most small businesses shy away from its adoption. In fact, the start-ups and small businesses prefer public clouds because it is more affordable. However, public nature makes the data comparatively less secure. In public cloud most secured data such as encrypted credit card and other financial data can’t be uploaded because of security concerns. This is where private cloud systems are needed. Therefore, it can be said that not every data need highest possible security. Data uploaded on a website are not that secure and therefore can be hosted in a public cloud. However, if the same site deals with e-payment solutions that needs additional security, private clouds are preferred. To provide the best of both worlds, hybrid cloud hosting has evolved.

What are the Important Uses of Hybrids?

  1. Most effective use of hybrid cloud hosting is witnessed in eCommerce websites because they are most likely to witness unpredictable spike in traffic flow, leading to unpredictability is memory and processor usage. The best way to deal with the unexpected traffic increases can be done with the help of high capacity cloud servers.

  2. Another effective usage of these clouds is in the usage of applications. Whether it is website features or applications, they can be utilised efficiently with the help of high capacity clouds.

  3. Cost factor is another main feature of hybrids. Here, temporary workloads can be run in public clouds. Therefore, costs are incurred only when operation actually occurs. When it comes to permanent workloads they are less in number and therefore can be hosted in private clouds more efficiently and therefore costly private clouds are utilised for least possible times.

  4. Round the clock managed hosting services are available on hybrids. This helps the service to keep running all the time and also helps in maintaining safety of infrastructure.

  5. Cloud security issues are better managed with hybrid cloud hosting solutions because the most sensitive data are placed in the private servers and the less critical data are hosted in public clouds. That’s why hybrids have come up as preferred cloud hosting solutions for all business sizes, no matter whether it is large, medium, or small.

By incorporating the benefits of both private and public clouds in hybrids, the companies are able to strike the right balance between cost and benefit.

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