Introducing 3 Types Of Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing software has gained immense popularity amongst corporate and business enterprises. Corporate entities make use of the multi-featured software solution to hold meetings and conferences with its distant located clients, staff, vendors and customers. Video conferencing software aims in producing HD quality video setup, so that the participants can get involved in the process of video conferencing with utmost convenience.

The current video conferencing software is not just for people to meet the meeting, but a collection of a number of functions in one of the multi-functional software. I believe that everyone on the video conferencing software has a certain understanding, then today I give you about 3 types of video conferencing classification knowledge it.

Video conferencing software can be divided into three categories according to the client, which are: client-based video conferencing software, WEB-based video conferencing software and hybrid video conferencing software. Let’s take a look at each type.

The first, client-based video conferencing software, which is a design using C/S mode. Users who use this mode of video conferencing software must install the client. And if this mode of video conferencing software is applied to the conference, each participant is required to install the client of the video conferencing software.

The second, web-based video conferencing software, this type of video conferencing software uses the B / S design pattern, the uses of video conferencing relative to the more convenient, because there is no need to install any client, just by browsing You can participate in the meeting.

The third, mixed video conferencing software, this video conferencing software is special. Because both support B / S mode, but also support C/S mode. So that this is a design of a more special video conferencing software. And the use of video conferencing software with greater flexibility.