Instrumental Music – A good thing for your kid’s sleep cycle?

Babies are the sweetest thing ever till the time you meet a sleep-deprived one!

The relation between music and brain starts with the birth of a child. Lullabies are a solid example of this fact. Kids start responding to lullabies at an age when their brains are not even  developed enough to comprehend them. Lullabies are generally quite simple and repetitive.


A newborn baby is accustomed to listening low-pitched voice.

Lullabies are known to generate a certain kind of rhythm which helps babies to fall asleep. This whole thing is just not about sleep. The sleep-deprivation in babies can disturb the sleep cycles of their parents, leaving them less-productive and irritated. Many relationships end just because of a newborn baby in the house. If the depth of sleeplessness can be this grave in grown-ups, it is just a matter of imagination how it can affect the development of the brain in kids! Calm and soothing instrumental music stimulates sleeping in kids. There are many customized products out there to help your toddler sleep.

Here are a few ways in which instrumental music can help your child enjoy a deep sleep.

It helps in development of brain while keeping it still.

While they are in a womb, kids are generally used to listening low-pitched sounds. The toddler clamps to the calmness of the music and helps its anxious brain to sleep.

Music affects the heartbeat of a child in a good way.

Surveys have shown that low tempo music generally lowers the blood pressure and breathing rate of the child. Lullabies are a major example of this survey.

Music stimulates emotions in the kid.

Instrumental music is more about the primary areas of the brain that are involved in motivation and emotions. Processing of music connects emotional and memory centers says Professor Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist, and composer. This is the reason that even when we grow up, we remember the lullabies our moms used to sing. Stimulating emotions quitens the baby’s body enough for it to sleep.

Music can be used as a sign for the kid to go to sleep.

Surveys conducted on sleeping behaviour in kids have shown that if the same music is played each time baby goes to sleep, its mind is going to take the music as a signal to sleep. It’s also observed that if the music was left on for the rest of the night, the baby doesn’t get scared in case it wakes up in middle of the night. The music works as a flag indicating it is safe. Such sleep cycles are very rare in babies. Music can help you induce them.

The sleep deprivation is becoming so popular in today’s world, that lullabies of adults are a thing now. It is a fact that complete sleeping cycle helps in proper functioning of the brain. In babies the requirement of proper sleep becomes more important because its brain is in the development process.

Instrumental music helps in dreaming process in kids which make them feel safe and at peace. Using traditional methods are not only the option we have! Experts have developed various kits to help your kids in relaxation and sleeping.