Information About Different Types Of Magnet

Information About Different Types Of Magnet

There are various types of magnets available in the market. Each one includes their own unique features. The various types of magnets are used for a variety of needs. You will need different magnets for DIY, home projects and science experimentations.

This is because all magnets do not have similar properties. There are two types of magnets, namely, electromagnet and permanent magnet. Electro magnets require electricity to get activated, whereas permanent magnets have magnetic properties retained in them. Let’s get familiar with them in details.

Know the Types of Electromagnets

Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets are made through extensive processing, using earth’s metallic properties. This is the very common type of magnet and very powerful. US neodymium disc magnets are strong and the most secure magnets you can opt for.

They are the best for mechanical usages. However, it is advised not to expose it to water and humidity for longer period. It can rust easily.

Samarium Cobalt Magnets

These are powerful magnets and they don’t rust easily. Samarium magnets were created in 1970s and they are highly resistant to extreme temperatures. These magnets retain magnetic properties even in cold winters and harsh summers therefore it is best for industrial purposes.

Alnico Magnets

Alnico is made up of aluminum, cobalt, and nickel. These magnets are not very powerful but they use less electricity and are good for small devices and household appliances.

Ceramic Magnets

These magnets are widely used for short term purposes. Moreover, they are cheap and can be manufactured easily. These are the basic type of magnets used in small devices and light weight machines.

Permanent Magnets

Bar magnets

This is the oldest form of magnet. These length of these magnets is longer than breadth. Bar magnets are used to teach students about the magnetic properties and clean oil bottles.

Horse Shoe magnets

Horse shoe magnet is one of the powerful traditional magnets and it is used to lift heavy duty weights, for holding mirrors. The magnetic properties lie on the same field, therefore their attraction power is little higher than other forms of magnet.  Moreover, because of its little distance from one pole to another, these lines don’t have to travel far distance. It is widely used to separate magnetic substances from non-magnetic substances. It is cylindrical in shape with an air gap between them.

Magnetic disc

These are circular structures, having greater circumference than the depth. These magnets are used in speakers and as rotational balls in refrigerators.

Pot magnets

This can be defined to as the strongest traditional magnet. It is enclosed by a steel structure in a cylindrical container hence it is named pot magnet. These magnets are covered by a steel structure, which increases the retention power of the magnet. Additionally, it gives strength and stability to the magnet.

Handle magnets

These magnets have handles attached to them and are widely used to lift things from one place and transfer it to another.


There are various types of magnets and they are used as per their requirements. You need to understand what kind of activity you will perform with the help of permanent magnet and choose it accordingly.