Increasing Your Career Opportunities 

Staying competitive in the job market can be extremely challenging, but there are several ways you can strengthen your chances of landing a dream job. Marketing yourself effectively can lead to better opportunities. Here are some tips to help you find success in your career.

As it pertains to annual reviews, there’s so much focus on goals for the year. Annually is quite a long time; too much time in fact to set tangible, achievable goals. Therefore, it is far more wise to set smaller goals through the year. Consider your day-to-day work. What would you be doing to raise that work? Are there skills you might learn to assist you advance? Consider this for a bit and then make a set of goals that relate solely to these items. And then, once you’ve set the goals, give yourself a deadline to possess learned these things. When you’ve hit the deadline… give yourself a grade. Seriously. It works. Did you take action? Did you take action well? Then ask somebody else how they’d score or grade you on these new skills. Then rinse and repeat.

Review Your Resume 

It is important to offer as many details as you can on your resume. Highlight important achievements that you have accomplished. While resumes traditionally were limited to a single page, this is often no longer the case. If you have extensive experience, then you should feel comfortable going beyond a single page resume. Make sure that you use a format that is easy to sift through, but don’t be afraid to flaunt your feats.

Polish Your Cover Letter 

Personalize a cover letter for each job that you apply for. Many applicants make the mistake of using a generic cover letter for every job application that they submit. Your cover letter should tie your past achievements to your potential success in the position you are seeking. You should take this opportunity to explain how your skills will transfer to the open position, and you should state why the position appeals to you. An impressive cover letter can help separate you from the rest of the applicants. Since the hiring committee has not met you, then it is imperative that you make a strong impression with your application.

Improve Your Skills 

If you are struggling to find success in the job market, then consider options to increase your skills. You may be able to take classes or obtain certifications that can help you tremendously. For example, taking hazmat classes can help you add another qualification to your resume. It is important to take extra steps that will help you advance beyond the rest of the candidates for the position.

When you interview for a position, be sure to stay confident. If you are unfamiliar with aspects of the job, be sure to emphasize past situations where you were able to learn skills quickly. Try to use examples from your experience to demonstrate your qualifications. Hiring committees are often impressed with candidates who are able to answer situational questions.