Improve The Durability Of Your Ray-Ban Wayfarer With An Effective Care Regimen

Improve The Durability Of Your Ray-Ban Wayfarer With An Effective Care Regimen

Ray-Ban Wayfarers have always held a special place in the hearts of users all over the world. From presidents to celebrities from different fields, everyone have used them. So how can you take good care of this time classic goggles? Here are some tips that you can follow for this purpose:-

How to Take Care when in Use?

Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are worn by people from all parts of life. They go well with any occasion. However, as in the case of any other type of eyewear, they are exposed to natural elements like dust and weather. They can also get damaged if they children can have access to them. While you are using wayfarers, make it a point not to keep it on a coffee table, or car seat. The pair can be left broken simply due to improper storage. Keep it within a case whenever you can.

Cleaning Methods

As in the case of other sunglasses, Wayfarers also get dirty. Issues such as slow growth of fungus behind nose pads or dust spots on the lens are quite common. Though taking care of sunglasses daily is essential, you need to do so with good care. The easiest way to clean smudges from the lens is through the use of a microfiber cloth.

But before applying it, ensure that there is no solid residue sticking to the surface of the lens. This will ensure that you don’t scratch the lens while cleaning it. If there is fungus buildup behind the nose pads, then thorough cleaning will be essential. To clean it, first use warm water to rinse the glasses and remove loose residues. Once you have done that, you can soak the pair in warm water using a mild liquid soap for some time. Then, apply a small soft brush to clean the fungus. As a final part of the cleaning process, rinse the Wayfarers with warm water, before drying them with a lint-free, soft cloth.


The best place to store Wayfarer sunglasses is within their case. But, if you reside in a highly humid area, use a pack of silica gel in the case. It will keep a check on moisture and prevent the fungus from appearing. Check the pack from time to time. In case you find that the gel has discolored, don’t throw it off. You can dry it in the sun for a few hours before reusing.