Ideal Colors For Decorating Your Kitchen

The colors at home not only give personality to the different areas also creates atmospheres of well-being. Until recently, the decoration of kitchens characterized by the use of bright, bold colors, designs and prints incorporating textures and bright accessories.

These combinations are no longer overloaded trend now looking monochrome reflects the kitchen range and a soft sight providing environmental sophistication. For this we give the following advice, be sure to apply at home.

Colors for Walls and Furniture

If you use a range of cool colors like purple, green or blue, the feeling that transmits your kitchen is clean and orderly. Instead, warm colors like red, yellow and orange, creating cozy spaces that transmit warmth and joy. They are also used to give the feeling of spaciousness.

If your kitchen is small or low light it is best to apply clear and even pale colors like lavender and ochre very white base. One of the advantages of using neutral colors in the overall decor of your home is that when you want to renew the style of any room you just have to replace other accessories of a different color.

Larger kitchens and plenty of lighting are perfect for dark colors include funds and furniture but always combined with other light. Sandwiched such tones in different walls of your kitchen and will create a very interesting effect of depth.

Colors and Feelings

You can create a sense of tranquility or excitement with the right combinations, for example, the cheerful but soft colors such as green, resting view and are ideal for reading areas and bedrooms. These colors produce the least amount of eyestrain.

Depending on the intensity and ambient light can generate different effects: bright colors enhance vision and create a refreshing environment, the softer produce a calming effect.

There are very heavy neutral colors such as gray, which inspires passivity and gives the feeling of lack of energy. Combine it with a brighter tone helps offset that effect.

Sophisticated, Minimalist Accessories

Combine the solid parts of the kitchen walls and furniture, functional and simple props, help the space has a better presentation to your guests. Remember that an orderly and well combined space reflects your personality. Another good option is to use the colors of your kitchen with accessories that you already have. If you use the same tone colors you will get the effect of monochrome.

The Magic Touch

Play with colors from the most relaxing in the range of blue, green and pink to reddish range. Dare to mix following the tips that we have given you and get the kitchen of your dreams. Try to choose two or three and use them balanced.

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