How To Weatherproof Your Patio For A Standard British Summer

In typical fashion, yet another sun promised summer in the UK seems to have fleeted. Despite some glimpses, our dreams of the hot, high-degree weather doesn’t seem to have happened, with rain and clouds dominating our skies. Those plans to go and sunbathe have all but vanished as consistent sudden downpours our dashing any hope we had.

You might have spent time creating the perfect patio space or you’ve invested in some new outdoor furniture to sit and relax in, but you are unfortunately being held back by the unpredictability of the weather. The weather, as much as can hope, can’t be changed but what we can do to tackle it is by creating the ideal patio area that gives you some shelter as well as warmth. It may not be as hot as you want it to but at least by following these methods so you can enjoy those alfresco events whatever the weather.

Stay Warm by The Fire

If you decided to make the effort to create a relaxing, retreat in the form of a stylish seating area, why not install a fire pit into the centre of the seating arrangement. This will keep those summer nights going for longer so when night falls, it doesn’t mean the fun has to end. This has been an exterior design favourite over the last few years, as it allows you to snuggle up and enjoy quality time together in front of a glowing fire. Whether you opt for in built versions or a portable model, there are a number of ways you can achieve the effect that will work in whatever set up you have.

Build A Getaway

Why not consider adding a summerhouse or out house type getaway to your garden space do you don’t let the rain effect your time in the garden. You don’t have to build a huge new structure; all you need to do is implement a shed or hut that allows you to fit all of your furnishings in so you can sit in peace. Make the place feel cosy by adding soft and squishy accessories and scatter cushions you’ve got a place to escape to if you want to read or hid from the busy house! Listening to the light patter of rain outside when you’ve tucked up in the warmth is an unbeatable relaxing feeling so why not create that haven in your own little garden getaway.

Utilise Your Greenery

This is one of the most magical methods you can follow and create. When working with your patio furniture you may have the opportunity to build a surrounding flower, forest type frame. In a traditional rattan furniture set up with a table and chairs, take advantage of foliage to develop an all-natural, organic shelter that will guard you against wind and showers. Begin by buying an arbour or a trellis that then allows you to grow plants freely, up and over your seating arrangement. You could even build one yourself using recycled materials such as old crates. Your plants will take time to grow so you will need a few months before it looks as good as it possibly can, however when its finished, you’re left with a truly magnificent garden landscape. By getting creative with this, you can create a beautiful, special setting that you’ll be able to show off as well as enjoy throughout the year.

Find Relief with A Roof or Umbrella

Why not design your very own outdoor room by installing a patio roof or canopy? You have a degree of flexibility with this as you can go as big or as small as you like depending on your budget. Therefore, whether you’re after a wooden, glass or moveable umbrella, you have a broad variety of options available to you depending on your financial situation. If it is something a little less permanent that you’re after, why not install a garden parasol. A handy option – by buying a portable umbrella you can either use it for shelter from the rain or shade from when the sun finally decides to show its face.