How to Use Your Furniture to Set A Stylistic Tone In Your Home

How to Use Your Furniture to Set A Stylistic Tone In Your Home

If you want to transform a house into a home, become strategic about the way you execute the details. Don’t just focus on buying a large couch to fill up space. You have to think about the details of your furniture in order to set the tone and flow of the home. With planning, a good grasp of color theory and these three components, you can use your furniture to set the style of your home.


If you haven’t already done so, create a color scheme for your entire home. It’s much easier to plan your spaces when you know which colors you’d like to see in your home. If you have really light-colored floors, you might opt to ground the space with large pieces in wood finishes that are deep, rich and dark. An online furniture retailer, like Go Vets, can provide you with various options. Create a vision board, and print out the colors and swatches you’re considering. Before you make a permanent decision, this vision board can help you make sure the colors compliment each other well.


Pay attention to the size of the rooms you’re decorating. Use a measuring tape to get the detailed specifics of the rooms. The last thing you want to do is get a big, bulky piece of furniture that can’t even fit through the doorway. When a retailer is selling furniture, look at the specs they provide online. Remember that you don’t want to decorate a room to the point where it looks crowded. Measurements will be critical to ensuring the right size and look.


In order to develop a strong sense of style as it relates to interior design, textures are key. When you’re looking at coffee tables, there are so many textures and finishes to consider. Glass, acrylic and wood are just a few of the amazing options. When you’re purchasing a couch, remember that leather isn’t the only option. Synthetic fibers with high rub counts will be perfect for people with children or pets, as they’re equally durable and beautiful.

Even though it’s understandable, resist the urge to develop instant gratification within your home. As time progresses, you’ll get a better idea of what you need in your home in order to make it look and feel right. If you rush the process, it’s much easier to end up with a ton of pieces you’re not in love with after a year or two. Take your time, slowly build and you won’t regret it.