How To Survive College The Awesome Way

College has always been a good thing. You get to learn some new things and when you’re done you usually have a job or grad school, otherwise known as bonus college. To all the incoming freshman, I’ve compiled my best advice on making the best of your college experience. You need to get good grades, but you also need to have fun. And you have to be at parties. I am a alumni of the University of Texas, we are definately known for our good grades but it wasn’t before I got there that anyone knew how to have fun. Here is my advice:

1) Buy lots of books

Reading is really great and you’ll develop a super vocabulary. Books are really cheap so you don’t have to buy them used. And most of the stuff doesn’t really change in the books so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. Renting books is pretty crazy and you don’t want to be that guy. So leave that stuff to the library, you’ll have a great time there! Sometimes most of the “in-things” are happening at the library. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet a book.

2) Write a report

Face it, even if you read a book, nobody is going to believe you. That’s why you have to write reports and turn them into your professor. He usually reads your report so that he doesn’t have to read the book. Then he goes to his friends and tells them all about all the books he’s “read”. Your reward will be a good grade so don’t feel bad. Good grades are the key to showing everyone you’re pretty good at getting good grades. Here are some tricks if you’re a WGU student.

3) Sorority parties

Colleges get pretty loud on weekends around the sorority houses and they lock their wi-fi so you should live far away. If you live on campus, they usually give you your own bed and you can eventually feel comfortable eating on it and watching tv. Sometimes the dorm connection is the fastest internet, and its also the way to meet people to go with you to the library. They have these lounges that are empty rooms but they will have the best times. You’re on for a spin!

4) Honors degree!

Still reading? Then you’re on your way to graduation! Take lots of AP classes in highschool, they’re fun! But don’t expect Mr.Trinh to keep the floor clean! If you think there are bugs at night, you don’t know the half of it. That honors degree will get you a great job at your dad’s firm. He’s making sure you dont get sidetracked and go to law school. And you really won’t get free cookies and pizza after you graduate.

So that’s everything an incoming college freshman needs to know! It’s a lot so try to take notes in class and beat up the school bully so you get his popularity. Good luck!

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