How To Set Up A Wireless Router

How To Set Up A Wireless Router

The process of setting up a wireless router can be quite undemanding and easy but what is necessary, in fact, essential, are two things: a. a personal computer which has a wireless adapter for the network, and b. an active Internet connection running at high speed. Also, you may require a PC which has a wired adapter for the network as well as router-specific software for setting up a router, which is usually integrated on a disc which is packed up with the router or even available to be downloaded on the support site used by the router manufacturer.

How can you set up a wireless router if it is tagged with a logo of Windows 7?

If you are using a Windows 7 computer, you need to follow the subsequent steps:

1. You need to link the wireless router to the modem, which is done by using a very specific cable called an Ethernet cable.
2. Then you should link the wireless router to a source of power. After that, wait for approximately 1 minute.
3. Next, click the icon with the network sign – it either looks like a chain of vertical of perpendicular bars, or like a small computer with an adapter next to it.
4. Following that, choose your specific wireless network from the listing of the networks which are available or complete the process of setting up the router. By default, the name of the network is the router manufacturer’s name.

And what if this doesn’t work?

Generally speaking, routers of a newer make which are linked to Windows 7 personal computers are usually quite easy to set up. However, it can occur that a router can be problematic and demands some more thought and effort. Thus, if the first way of setting up your router fails to work for you, there are another 2 strategies which can be used.

What is the process of setting up a router by using setup software?

The following steps need to be followed:

– First you need to ensure that the wireless router is totally disconnected from the following: the PC, the modem, as well as the power source.

– On the computer, you need to pop in the disc which was included with the router. Alternatively, you can download and then run the most recent version of the router software (which can be found on the vendor’s site).

– Then you need to stick to the instructions on the screen. Namely, the setup process will usually request you to link the components (which include the PC and the modem) in a specific order. Also, it can ask you to briefly link the wireless router to a PC by way of an Ethernet cable. At this point, it is also necessary to generate a name/password for the wireless network.

And what if this doesn’t work?

In that case, it is best to contemplate configuring the wireless router by hand or manually.

How can you carry out a manual configuration of the router with no setup software?

By following these steps:

a. Link the wireless router and the modem by way of an Ethernet cable.
b. Link the wireless router and a power source and then wait for approximately one in order to make sure that the router is completely operational.
c. Link the router to the PC with an Ethernet cable.
d. Then log into the Web interface of the router by means of a browser. Following that, enter the Internet Protocol address of the router in the address bar, which should be in the documentation of the router.
e. Then enter the default username/password (those are also in the router documentation).
f. Then utilize the Web interface in order to proceed with the setting up of a network name/password.
g. Proceed to disconnect the PC from your router and after that reconnect it wirelessly.

Note: Use a password for protecting the wireless network, as parties which are not authorized may be able to connect easily to a network which is not protected, and proceed to steal the bandwidth and all personal data. When compiling a password, use a combination of number, letters and symbols.