How To Select An Engagement Ring Of Premium Quality?

How To Select An Engagement Ring Of Premium Quality?

Diamonds are meant to be forever. If you follow fashion trends carefully, you are likely to be very selective about jewelry. People usually get a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in diamond jewelry. In case you are selecting your engagement ring on your own, then you need to be very careful while selecting diamond rings. These are some steps that you can adapt to choose the best piece available:-

Go for the Right Band

A band is a circular portion of a ring that is located around the wearer’s finger. It is normally made from silver, gold or platinum though it could be created from the combination of a number of metals. When you select a diamond ring for your engagement, you need to have a clear idea whether it will be suitable for you or not. There are a few things that you need to know about the different types of bands.White gold is gold that is alloyed with metals to create an off-white color. It is plated with another metal, usually rhodium for a bright silver appearance. Once the plating wears off, your jeweler will replace them for free. Gold, in its original form, is yellow-orange and is usually alloyed with some other metal to enhance its longevity. Some people like the lighter yellow color of 10 K gold.

Opt for the Correct Setting and Gemstone

Setting is a piece that supports the gemstone. The latter is usually attached to the band. Some rings blend a platinum setting to a gold band, thereby creating a gold background color and contrast, with the strength of platinum. If you opt for a setting with bezel, it would be a safer option for a ring worn closely.A gemstone is the central attraction of the ring and is normally a diamond piece. Sometimes, it is known as known as the ‘rock’. The bigger the size of the stone, the better it would be. Pay good attention to the carat, clarity, color and cut of the gemstone. Lab diamonds are more affordable, yet suitable alternative to normal diamonds. They cost a fraction of the normal ones. However, you need to conduct some research to acquire a piece of superior quality.

Select the Suitable Size

Size is an important factor that will warrant your attention once you have opted for a suitable setting and gemstone. One of the best ways to determine a ring size is to present a ring that you use a lot to the jeweler. Normally, the average ring size is around 7. So, a jeweler can easily help you find out whether your fingers are bigger or smaller than the normal size. Once your finger size becomes clear, you will be able to select the diamond ring that you always craved to have.