How to Reverse Cars Properly?

We sometimes squirm when we watch other drivers try to reverse their cars. This is the moment when drivers have much reduced control of their cars, because it’s clearly an inconvenient way to move our car. Without proper skill and knowledge, it is possible we would simply veer off course and it’s something we can clearly avoid. There are many people who still struggle with driving problems. Here are things that we should do:

  • Try to look where we are going. There are two ways to do this. We could look around, by twisting both our body and head. Another way is by taking full use of all well-adjusted mirrors. Depending on the situations, we may check at the mirror or look behind us. We should what a difference both methods make.
  • Choose a “target”. One mistake people do when they reverse their car is that they don’t choose their targets. They simply want to reverse their car, without clear point of destination where their want their cars should be at specific angle and position. If people don’t know where they are going, they could wander all over the place. As we drive, we should designate a target and look for ways to reach that point.
  • Know how to steer when reversing. Controlling a car when reversing can be confusing sometimes, although the concept is simple. Steer to the left when we want to go to the left, or steer to the right when we want to go to the right. In general, it would be much better if don’t think about left and right. We are a bit confused, we could think towards the hedge or towards the kerb. Our hands will move instinctively and we don’t need to consciously decide at which direction we should steer the wheel.
  • Don’t trust the position of the steering wheel. Even if the steering wheel looks straight, it doesn’t mean that our car will move in a straight line. It could still mean that we have previously done full wheel rotation to the left or right. If we are unsure, it is better to move very slowly and see whether our car does move straight.
  • Know how to deal with tight spaces: Sometimes, we could only be just inches from the kerb. In this case, we need to know how to deal with close spaces, without being too close. In this case, we should designate a reference point and have a minimum allowable distance from the kerb. It is also a good idea to know how to make our car moves straightly. This can be done only if we have proper reference points. Always steer gently and make proper adjustments whenever possible.