How To Represent Your Brand With Embroidered Logo

How To Represent Your Brand With Embroidered Logo

Contractor’s Clothing has created niche in the embroidery world for providing a range of high quality printed and embroidered workwear, sportswear and branded clothing. The catalogue includes shirts, hats, jackets, bags, sweatshirts for uniforms, corporate apparel and business shirts.

 One of the most important aspects of your business is logo which signifies your image, brand and signature. The logos which are designed on paper are two dimensional but embroidery brings depth and dimension to logo which is achieved by using thread. The customer should be amazed and delighted after viewing the combination of different color threads in embroidered logo. The logo specialists will work with customer to convert your printed logo into an embroidered masterpiece.

Insight to Services Offered:

On line and User Friendly: Services are made on line and are user friendly.
Selecting the Color: The color makes significant impact on how the logo will look on different color products. Proper care has been taken to ensure that the thread color on embroidered logo matches the garment.
Accepting Rush Order: If any order is received with less turnaround time around 10 business days then such requests are also accepted. But, fee would be charged more than normal rates for such rush order.
Quantity Discounts: The discount is offered on number of pieces which you order. The more embroidered items you purchase, the more you save on discounted offer.
Returns: If any item is defective then any such item is replaced and returned with no additional cost. The customer must notify any such defect within 7 days of receipt of order. If any mistake is made or any product is defective then we immediately resolve the issue without question.

Procedure to Place Order

The proper procedure to place the order and time for completion is normally about 7-10 business days.

1. Place Order- You can place the order via email or phone. The customer needs to send message mentioning the item and logo. When you place order, logo specialists will determine what works best for you and organization.

2. Submit Logo: You can attach the logo in readable format such as JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif), TIFF (.tif), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Adobe Illustrator (.ai). However, if the customer is not comfortable with the format then the customer can send the information in whatever form as per the convenience.

3. Receive Order Confirmation: Once the order is received then it needs to be confirmed before the work starts.

4. Payment: We accept the payment through credit card such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. The credit card payment will not be processed until the customer approves the prototype for the embroidered logo.

5. Creation of Logo: All embroidered logos are measured in stitches. . Digitizing is the process used by computerized embroidery machines to sew each stitch in order to create a logo on a garment. Once the logo is finalized, the team of experts uses the system to convert logo into programmed stitches which the embroidery machine can read. So, once the image is approved from customer end then only the production starts.

6. Approve Logo Proof – After the logo is transferred on piece of material then it is sent to customer for approval. Once the logo is approved then only the production starts. This is to ensure that the customer should be satisfied on receipt of product.

7. Location: Mostly, the logos are embroidered on left chest of the uniform. However, it can be done for other positions also such as left sleeve, lower sleeve, cuff or yoke. The placement of logo is confirmed with customer during acknowledgement.

8. Ship Your Order: Once the order is prepared then the order is shipped at the destination. The orders are shipped within 7 to 10 business days after the order is placed for new customers. But, for current customers, the order is shipped within 7 to 8 business days from the receipt of order.