How To Properly Choose Wedding Meal?

Choosing ideal wedding meal can be confusing if we don’t have an idea what to serve. In general, we should keep it simple and make sure dominant ingredients stand out in these dishes. If prepared properly, even the simplest dishes can be exceptionally delicious. We can us basic ingredients, such as beef, chicken, potatoes and cheese to make a wide variety of dishes. Pasta with chopped chicken and freshly grated parmesan could simply melt in our mouth if we know how to cook them well.

Ice cream and chocolate soufflé are also great dessert alternatives in any wedding party. Lemon meringue pie should be ideal when served before or after the main course.

In general, we should choose the best ingredients in the market and choose people who can cook and prepare them well. Ingredients don’t have to be rare and expensive. Common things we find the market can be turned into luxurious meals. Obviously, the atmosphere and environment are also important, because our surrounding could also affect our taste buds. Even ridiculously common meals like fish and chips could become outstanding if we are creative enough with the taste and presentation.

We can also use thinly sliced, smoked duck breast or locally smoked salmon. Other important ingredients are freshly baked bread, fresh basil leaves and cherry tomatoes in olive oil. Before the main course, guess can nibble on rich country ate, prosciutto or thinly sliced salami. People who have the usual June wedding can serve broad beans, fresh asparagus and spring lamb with jersey royals.

The lamb should melt in our mouth, if we cut it well. However, people who get married in the winter may need to have much different meals. Meals for winter wedding may include roasted winter vegetables, beef bourgignonne and buttery mashed potato.

Some wedding party could last for entire day and it could be necessary to serve breakfast for early guests, who are likely our relatives. Breakfast meals can be profiteroles, chicken and soup.

Clearly, people have different taste and some of them could demand for more sophisticated dining experience. For this reason, we may need to serve something much fancier. To make things simple, we could simply hold the wedding party in local restaurants. We can talk with the restaurants about the proper wedding meals and it is a good idea to test their meals as anonymous guests, before considering a restaurant.

If we live near shore, seafood should also an impressive alternative. We can allow guests to feast on fresh mussels, king prawns, crab and lobsters. We may also serve stir fries, casseroles, joints of meat and curries if they are appropriate. Salad should be a healthy addition; it can also add color to the table.

However, we may need to choose the proper salad type, it is a bad idea to serve salad with beetroot, hard boiled eggs and grated carrots. Main course can be accompanied with bits of crispy bacon and bowls of garlic croutons. We can finish the table with seasonal fruits and any sweet desserts.

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