How To Make The Windows Sparkle

How To Make The Windows Sparkle

The only better thing than a flawlessly clean house and polished furniture after the big house cleaning is windows that wash light through the center of the house. This means that you should take your free time to clean and polish the windows, from both sides, all the windows, the window frames, and the window coverings if any. The clean natural sunlight is the best final touch that literally highlights the real shine and texture of the clean objects. Not to mention that the natural sunlight enhances the scent of the deodorizing agents and therefore it can rally change the home atmosphere into a much more pleasant, warmer atmosphere. Check out some basic tips and advices on how to make the windows like new.

Advice 1: The perfect scheduling for the cleaning of the windows is the key for making the clean effect longer lasting. It`s not required to leave the windows as the last thing that you can do during the big house cleaning. It`s only enough to ensure that there is no chance to make the clean windows dirty again due to the dust. That`s why a great idea is to schedule window cleaning right after wiping of dust, which indeed should be one of the finishing tasks.

Advice 2: Clean the windows via homemade detergents and cleaning solutions. This is one of the cheapest and yet easiest opts for dealing with the windows, because you can get a perfect domestic detergent by combining products and common degreasers that probably already hide on the kitchen shelves. It comes to hot water with a tiny amount of white vinegar and lemon juice. Apply the solution with a soft cotton cloth, then, wipe off with the sponge as a normal commercial cleaner for windows. Make a very rare mixture of your homemade detergent if you plan to pour it in a spray bottle and apply it just like an ordinary detergent from the store. Another great tip is to prepare a couple of wet wipes for just in case – for the hardest and most persistent stains, which are usually on the outer side of the windows. Thanks to the small amount of alcohol, the wet wipes can be very handy for the small and difficult stains that require a lot of force and hard rubbing.

Advice 3: Clean the windows via special commercial cleaners. Of course, this opt should be high on the agenda too, because it ensures near flawless results if you do everything justly. Apply a mist of the detergent right onto the windows and start from the outer sides of the windows, as well as from the top to the bottom. Use a squeegee to wipe off the excess and prepare a clean soft towel for rubbing the hardest stains. Finish with another soft and clean towel or just with paper towel to eliminate all the wet stripes and traces from the detergent. The paper towels will also polish and pick up the real shine of the windows.

Advice 4: Choose the most adequate time for windows cleaning. Try to avoid the very hot days with a direct sunlight, because it enhances the evaporation and thus you will have to spend more time for dealing with more dry stripes and traces. Try to avoid the very windy days too, because the wind is a real issue if you use a long stick, a long squeegee or a ladder. A warm and cloudy day in the beginning of the summer should be a great choice.

Advice 5: Use the rest of the detergent for a number of other purposes, such as for porcelain objects, mirrors and other glass surfaces.