How To Make Money from Phone Calls

Work from home used to be popular among stay-home moms. But due to the failing economy, people who find themselves suddenly unemployed or wages are cut down are also now looking into this alternative among other ways to make money from home. In fact, more people nowadays are finding work at home more promising than being employed. Who can blame them when the job market has become really tight and dream jobs seem hard to come by.

The good thing is you don’t have to settle for a dreadful and boring job everyday just because your ideal boss is not clamoring in hiring you. Here are some popular and tested ways to make money from phone calls if you are interested in these jobs.

If you are a registered nurse and you want to escape the world of chaos and graveyard shifts of a hospital, you can still practice your profession by being a virtual nurse. This is one of the newest ways to make money from home that requires you to have a strong internet connection and a computer only. Companies in the Health Care as well as Insurance industry are now hiring nurses to address their patients’ inquiries through email or phone regarding medication or medical condition.

Being an administrative assistant means your role could be a medical or legal transcriptionist transcribing meeting records, personal dictation, and/or phone calls. You have an edge over other applicants if you are familiar with medical or legal terminologies. You can also be a virtual administrative assistant handling tasks like data entry as well as typing, booking travel arrangement, and even answering phone calls or email correspondence. Different industries are also hiring answering service and customer service representatives during closed business hours to handle customers’ queries.

There is a huge demand for software developers in the field of Systems or Applications. You can develop your own game or a specialized operating system for a specific company or organization. Self-discipline and long working hours might be required but the good thing is you can work at your own pace in your own space, your home.

Some people cannot handle everything by themselves and so they pay someone else’s time to get things done for them. Name it: picking up laundry or dry laundry, making travel or dinner reservations, and yes, shopping! All you need to posses is a keen eye for organization and willingness and dedication to handle different kinds of tasks.

You can always put your passion for cooking and love for baking sweet treats into good use and still make money. Start your own catering or cooking business or be a personal chef. You can start by hosting your own party, then your friends’, and common friends’ parties. Just make sure you comply with your location’s food safety regulations and inspections. Also secure permit and licenses when needed. Make your own signature dish and recipe to stand out from other similar business. You can try any of these ways to make money from home and start earning with less stress and at your own schedule.