How To Identify and Prevent Elliptical Machines Injuries?

Elliptical machines are one of the most sought after exercise equipments by many to get a good cardio workout. Working on the elliptical for about 30 to 45 minutes every day will help in boosting your metabolism and this way you will be able to burn the extra fat stored in your body. These machines offer you a low impact activity that will be easy on your knees and legs. But, there are many people who do not know how to correctly use the elliptical and end up suffering from injuries. If you are a novice looking to know the correct way of using this machine, then you have landed on the right page.

The following are the common mistakes that people make when stepping on an elliptical. These are ideas on how you can prevent any injuries when you are working out on this machine.

Never Watch TV

There are many people who switch on the TV first before stepping on to the machine. You should never do this as you will get engrossed in the show and the sole purpose of working out will be defeated. You will not be concentrating on the pedaling.

  • Your full concentration must be in the workout and you are working on the elliptical in order to sweat. This will also help you to stay free from injuries.
  • You will not be increasing the intensity of the machine as you ease into the pedaling.
  • There is no point in stepping on the pedal of the machine and working out without breaking sweat.
  • It would be ideal for you to put on some fast beat music and pedal according to the rhythm to enjoy a good cardio workout.

Make use of Resistance

The resistance is provided in the machine in order to spend more calories. There is no point in pedaling the machine very fist at the outset. This might only cause injuries. People are of the belief that working hard right from the start on high intensity will give them a solid workout. But, there is every possibility of catching up injuries to legs, knee joints, back and hips when you exercise this way. Start with low resistance on the elliptical machines and gradually bump up the resistance and in the middle you can even change the inclination to get a solid workout.

Focus on the Workout

Your workouts on the elliptical will not be fruitful if you watch TV, change channels, read books or magazines, talk to the people nearby, using your Smartphone or surf the web. If you need to make full use of your workout and to achieve your goals, then you will have to fully focus on your exercise. You should be engaged with your workout and once you lose your concentration, your legs will start to slow down.

Never Slouch

It is highly important for you to stand up straight on the machine while exercising. This will help you to lengthen your abs and also engage your core muscles. The lower and upper body muscles will also get active during the workout. If you slouch or bend, then you might catch up back, knee joint and hip injuries or muscle tear.

Change Directions

To get the maximum benefits from the elliptical machines, you can change the direction of the movement of your feet. If you are always concentrating on forward movements, then your quads will get the workout, but your hamstrings and gluts will not get any workout. So, moving backwards will break the monotony and also give a good workout for the back of your legs. This way all muscle groups get the necessary workout and hence you can prevent any leg injuries.

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