How To Get Your Rental Property Ready For Summer

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get your rental property ready for the summer months! Whether you only rent out your property in the summer, or all year round, this is the perfect opportunity to follow these steps and give it a good refresh ready for your guests. From an initial declutter and deep clean right through to the final touches, your property will look better than ever when you follow these steps! 


Declutter and Deep Clean

The first step when you’re getting your rental property ready is to declutter and deep clean! Although you might have some things in the property that are personal to you, if there is too much around, it can cause the place to look so cluttered which really puts potential holidaymakers off as more often than not, they simply want a clean, clear space. So, collect up any bits and pieces that are causing the space to look cluttered, put them into a box and lock them in a storage cupboard. If you use the property for part of the year, you can simply then just get them back out so it feels like home again! The same goes for any rubbish or anything that is damaged and broken. 

Once the place is all cleared up, it’s time to give everything a really deep clean. Every room. Every little crevice. Make sure you clean it! Take all of your soft furnishings like cushion sets, rugs, mattresses and give them a really good clean. If you don’t have the time to do this properly, or you’re not confident doing it, then you should get professional help, as a clean property is absolutely vital. You may need to pay more for this deep clean compared to the cleans between visits, but it will certainly be worth it. 

Most people have a clean rental property at the very top of their priority list when looking for their vacation, so this is an absolutely essential step! 


Clean Up Your Outdoor Space

When people are going away in the summer, there’s a high likelihood it’s so they can enjoy some warmer weather and sunshine. So, you’ll want to prioritise any outdoor space if you have it in your rental property, as this is something your guests will likely look for and enjoy! The specifics of this will be highly dependent on what your outdoor space is like, but overall, make sure that you make everything look really clear and welcoming. Cut the grass if you have it or jet wash the tiles. Trim back all of the plants in the garden so everything looks neat. Clean all of the patio furniture and make sure the cushions are looking nice and fresh. Potentially invest in some more furniture if relevant, such as sunbeds or a parasol. 

No matter what this step looks like for you, make it a priority and your guests will certainly thank you for it!


Run All Appliances

Another really important thing you need to do to prepare your rental property for summer is to run all of your appliances. You need to check everything, from all of your taps and showers to every kitchen appliance, smoke alarms, air conditioning, pool filters and toilet. No stone should go unturned with this and it’s the ideal opportunity to make sure your guests won’t come in contact with any issues during their stay. It may be time for you to get a professional in to check all of the equipment, so be sure to keep up with professional checks. Whilst we’re on the topic, you also need to imagine all of the essential items you’d want in your new home and make sure they’re in your property, as this will be a home away from home for your guests so making sure they have everything they need is important! 


Update Your Welcome Book

Next up, if you haven’t done it for a while, make sure you update your welcome book. It will have all of the basics in it, such as emergency numbers if there is an issue, emergency numbers for the local area, wifi password, nearest supermarkets, doctors, how to use the air conditioning, and so on. 

However, to go above and beyond for your guests, we always recommend providing more information than this. Things like the best local restaurants and bars for different types of food and drink, the most beautiful beaches in the area (with different transport options), unique beauty spots that only locals know about, the best activities to do, and so on. You might think this won’t make a huge difference, but for people brand new to an area it can make a significant difference and allow them to explore properly and get the most out of their trip. 

When you go to the trouble of doing extra compared to other rental properties, people are so much more likely to leave you a positive review. Reviews are huge in terms of trust when people are booking their vacation, so when you can do things to push people to leave a positive review, you should, and this is an example of how to do it. Unfortunately, people are quick to leave negative reviews when they’ve had a poor experience, but don’t always go out of their way to leave a positive one, so this is a great way to encourage them to do that! Of course, asking them is also a great option. 


Final Touches Make All The Difference

Whilst people on vacation are likely looking for a more simple property, this doesn’t mean they want it to be completely clinical. So, make sure you spend some time thinking about final touches that will be to everyone’s taste, but can make all the difference. Things like simple canvas paintings, reed diffusers or scented plug-ins to make it smell great, artificial plants or ones that don’t require watering often if people are staying for a while, leaving some cupboard staples/sealed fridge staples for when they arrive, and so on. Whilst these things might not be what encourages them to book, it certainly will be what they remember when recommending to friends and family. So, this small investment can make so much difference to the future of your rental property business!