How to Get Accustomed with a New Car?

Before driving, we should pay attention to many things. This is particularly true when we are renting a car or driving a new one. It is important that we are fully accustomed to the new car. One thing to consider is that we should look for the proper driving positions. If we want to maintain good control of the car, we should adopt proper driving positions that allow us to easily each gearshift levers, controls and pedals. We should be able to it without the need to move our body. We should also check the pedals, the brake, clutch and accelerators. We should know how the feel when depressed. Some cars have pedals that are harder to push with our feet. Regardless of the cars, we should maintain proper contact with pedals and our shoes should fit properly. When driving a new car, it is a good idea to wear thin-soled shoes or no shoes at all to maintain proper contact.

The seat must be adjusted properly based on our body posture. We should be able to sit comfortably, while maintaining a good control with the car. It means that we should be able to see clearly ahead, while being able to reduce the overall level of fatigue. It is not advisable to adjust the seat of our car while driving, because we may risk losing control of the car. It is also important to ensure that we are able to lock the seat into place. Our feet should bend properly, so we can easily push pedals comfortably. During an emergency, it is more difficult to control car if our legs are straight. Our thighs shouldn’t touch the steering wheel, because they may pose obstructions. We shouldn’t drive with reclined seat that the seat belt doesn’t grip our body properly. During a collision, we will be more protected if we have well-adjusted seat. Steering wheel plays an important role and we should be able to control them to the proper direction.

We should also properly adjust the headrest and it prevents our head from being abruptly thrown backward. A good headrest will also prevent whiplash and each person has different adjustment of headrest. A tall person won’t be able to obtain the proper protection with a short headrest. Before we start the engine, this is something that we need to adjust. The center of the headrest should be at the same level with the eyes. If we want to maintain alertness, it is important to avoid leaning against the headrest.

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