How To Drive Your Vehicle During Winter Months

How To Drive Your Vehicle During Winter Months

It is not safe to travel in any kind of automobile when the weather is dangerous and frightening too. If you are driving during winter season then you should be aware about the safety rules and also know how to deal with various road emergencies. As per various safety rules, motorists must drive in cautious manner during winter. You can also read about these safety rules and learn how to drive during snowfall during winter. You can also contact your local AAA office to learn more details about this matter.

If you meet with any kind of accident in your automobile then you can visit the website to know how your vehicle can be set right.

According to AAA following are the driving tips during winter months:

  1. You must avoid driving your motor vehicle when you are tired. If you take enough rest before driving then it reduces the chances of any accident.
  2. You must avoid warming up your vehicle in a covered area like garage for instance.
  3. You must make sure that your tires are adequately inflated.
  4. Do not mix up radial tire with the other type.
  5. Make sure that your gas tank is at least half filled.
  6. You must avoid using your parking brake during rainy, snow or cold weather.
  7. If you are driving in any slippery surface then do not use cruise control.
  8. When you are driving make sure that you steer and look properly.
  9. You must always use your seat belt while driving

Following are the tips for long distance travel during winter.

  • If you are driving in some isolated area then you must see the weather report. In case, there is any report of bad weather then you must delay your trip. You must inform others about your travel plan.
  •  Make sure that your vehicle is in good driving condition
  • You must carry your cell phone and also gloves, blankets, food and water along with proper medicines during the travel.
  • In case, you are caught with storm then you must stay in your vehicle instead of walking
  • Keep your lights in order, so that if needed you can send your distress signal. Also keep bright cloth in your antenna.
  • Make sure that your exhaust pipe is not clogged with mud, snow or ice.
  • You must have sufficient clothing to insulate your body from the winter

 Following are the tips for driving on the snow:

  • You must raise your speed slowly. Never be in hurry to drive.
  • You must drive at slow speed. Take some time while turning
  • You must know the condition of your brake. While applying your brake give steady pressure, so that it does not stop in abrupt manner.
  • Do not unnecessarily apply your brake. It is better to drive slowly than applying brake every now and then
  • Be extra careful while travelling in hilly area
  • If you can manage to stay home than driving then choose to stay at home.

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