How To Drink Water Properly?

In any weight loss plan, water should be considered an essential component. It is not possible for our body to rid itself of dangerous toxins without enough water to flush them away. Our brain is consisted mostly of water and it will send frantic messages when our body lacks water. Brain simple ceases to function when dehydration reaches a dangerous level. Without enough water, our skin will also wrinkle faster. Getting enough water is easy, we could simply get it from taps, fountains or bottles. Unfortunately, many people have rather bad habit and they prefer to give their body soda and coffee, instead of plain water. Vegetable juices and fruit juices also contain a lot of water, but they are surely not practical to obtain. Other than plain water, we could actually drink a variety of teas and warm water with a bit of lemon to get additional benefits. Depending on our situation, it is quite likely that our body needs a lot of water. When we are dehydrated and finally gets some water, we should gradually increase water consumption, because drinking too much water all at once can cause our body to store water in tissue.

Drinking enough water should be considered a habit and people may have different way to drink it. Some people enjoy cold water, while others prefer lukewarm water. It is important to get fresh water, not from a bottle that has been sitting on our desk for a long time. Instead of a pot of coffee, we should purchase a bag of tea and make quick cup of tea. But how much water we should drink each day? First, we should observe how much water we drink each day without being dehydrated. This will tell us the amount of water that can make us feeling comfortable. However, if we think that we drink too little water each day, we should only add one glass of water at a time. We should give ourselves a time to adjust before we add another. Some people use different formulas to know how much water they should drink each day. As an example, take our body weight in pound and divide it in half and change the unit of measurement to ounces. As an example, if we weight 150 pounds, half of that is 75, so we should drink 75 ounces of water each day.

However, we would need more water when the situation is hot and humid, or when we have intense physical activities. Bottles, glasses, mugs and cups should be available in different sizes. If we want to be precise, we could use measuring cup, to know how many ounces of water to fill our favourite mug or glass. Obviously, it is also important to make sure that our water is clean and preferably free of fluoride and chlorine. In some countries, tap waters are clean enough, but we may need good filters if it is chlorinated. However, we should be aware that some filters could only remove the odor and taste, but the toxins and chemicals are still there.