How To Clean Tile Floors Fast and Easy?

How To Clean Tile Floors Fast and Easy?

When tiled areas start looking very dingy and the grout gets discolored, stained and infected by the mould; you can just follow the below-mentioned steps and bring back the lustre to the floor. Its is advised, you subscribe to a professional to do the same in order to attain mirror-like shine.

There are numerous types of tiles available in the market. You need to be very careful before applying any chemicals on them as they react differently with a variety of cleaning solutions. Namely, there are porcelain tiles which further diverge in two different categories such as polished and unpolished porcelain tiles, marble tiles and textured tiles.

The experts warn the customers in advance when it comes to acid cleaning of the surface as it can turn out to be disastrous in majority of the cases. Ammonia, Sulfamic acid and Phosphoric acid are suitable for very few conditions which are mentioned by their manufacturers as they react adversely with the grout.

Here are the few steps one needs to follow:

Step 1: Inspection

The first step which we take before starting the cleaning procedure is that we inspect the floor thoroughly. This step plays a very significant role as we determine what is the best process to clean that particular place.

Step 2: Remove All the Furniture and Other Obstacles

The next step which is to be taken is the removal of all the furniture and other obstacles like carpets and door mats from the site. this is done in order to give complete access to entire floor area to the one who will execute this task.

Step 3: Vacuum the Tiled Floor

Vacuum cleaner is needed to remove all the loose entities which are present on the floor like dust, grit and litter in order to get easy access to the entire floor on which the cleaning solutions are need to be applied.

Step 4: Application of Cleaning Solution

We now apply the cleaning solution to the area which is to be cleaned. This is a special solution which aids to the materials which are partially bonded to the surface of the tiles and grout. Once the solution has been applied, the particles tend to get detached from the surface and can be removed in the next step.

Step 5: High Pressure and High Temperature and Grout Cleaning

The intricate truck mount high pressure and temperature cleaning equipment provides water to the targeted area without splashing it all over the premises. Hence, no mess and no standing water.

Step 7: Drying the Area you’ve Cleaned Up

In this step, we dry the area which was recently cleaned up using either a blower or mops and/or towels to remove all the moisture which is stuck on the tiled floor. Once this step is complete, the floor is absolutely dry and ready to walk on.

Step 8: Replacing the Furniture where it was Placed Initially

The last step is the replacement of all the furniture that we removed initially.

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