How To Choose Your Recruitment Agency In Newcastle

How To Choose Your Recruitment Agency In Newcastle

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your search and recruitment process, you must be confident that the recruitment agency you’re hiring for the job adheres to the right practices and policies and is reputable within the industry. Alongside a number of other considerations, this is crucial when choosing the right recruitment company for your business.

What are your staffing needs?

Consider whether you’re primarily looking for contractual, permanent or temporary staff as different agencies will offer different areas of expertise. Make sure your HR manager thoroughly researches each company to find out which is stronger in the area you are looking for, as some may specialise more in temporary staff than permanent and vice versa.

Find an agency that specialises in your sector

It’s so important that the recruitment agency you are using has industry knowledge of your sector because without it, they won’t be able to recruit the right candidate for the roles available. Make sure they have a firm understanding of your business needs, its goals and what is required of employees so they can use their resources to find the candidate that has the right fit for your organisation.

Make sure the company is in your area

You’re probably going to be looking for staff to operate within your offices in a certain city or geographic area, so make sure you find an agency that is based there. For example, recruitment agencies in Newcastle are ideal if you’re looking for a candidate in this area as they will have hundreds of people on their books who are located in this region and will be able to travel to your offices. Moreover, these companies will also understand the local market and what employers and employees require in terms of salary expectations.

Find one who’s going to reduce your recruitment costs

Once you’ve got a shortlist of potential agencies, look at who is going to be the most profitable for your business, making sure they’ll reduce the candidate acquisition costs and the amount of time your HR team spends on new employees. Negotiate the price while also considering what they are going to bring to your company. The cheapest agency may not offer the best quality of service, so getting the right balance is a must. Equally, the most expensive might not be the best, so make sure you do thorough research into what they offer and what their success rates are.

It’s also worth looking at what qualifications the recruitment agent has, particularly if you’re going to be working solely with one consultant within an agency. Find out what industry experience they have to see if they’re going to be able to locate the best candidates for your company.

Finally, always take a look at what other clients have worked with this particular agency to see how esteemed these businesses are. Furthermore, if they have several clients in the same industry as you, this is probably a good sign that this agency will be able to meet your staffing needs.