How To Choose Rhinestone

There exist many varieties of rhinestone pieces. Some varieties are highly valued while others are commonly assumed. It is very important to know how to purchase rhinestone no matter what the cost is. Rhinestone is also a type of simulant and it’s also referred to as diamante. It is mostly made of rock crystal, glass or acrylic.

Check the Quality of the Rhinestone

You should check the quality of the rhinestone by determining the make of the glass used to make the stone. The common type of rhinestone uses lead crystals rather than using crystals from the river. With many available options, rhinestones from lead crystals are considered to be more brilliant. Lead crystal rhinestones are shinier compared to flat back and chaton rhinestones which are normally used in clothing applications.

Consider the Size of the Stone

The size of the stone matters a lot. In most cases, larger stones are more expensive and their value is higher. You should keep in mind that the size expressed on rhinestones is not the same as that expressed in diamonds.

Select According to Brilliance

One of the major ways to purchase rhinestones is to buy for brilliance. This is mainly dependent on the glass that is used to make up the stone. The major common form of rhinestone uses lead crystal instead of true river crystals. Of all available options, lead crystal rhinestones are considered to be the option which is readily available. When compared to flat back and chaton rhinestones, lead crystal rhinestones tends to have the most shine. Both flat back and chaton rhinestones are mostly used in jewelry and clothing applications.

Attachment Style

Attachment style is also considered to be another important feature. The attachment method focuses on application procedure. In many cases, wholesale rhinestones with high value tend to have mounted with prones. Application of glue is less desirable and is often used in costume pieces. Prongs are used to hold the pieces in place and to add a unique metallic touch.

Determine the Style

Rhinestone bracelets are a common choice to many since they have multiple stones that are placed in a focal point. Various styles and colors make the option a creative one. Rhinestone earrings are an easy and affordable replacement of diamonds since they are lightweight and brilliant. The selection of rhinestone therefore ranges widely depending on the taste of an individual.