How To Choose From The Diamond Engagement Rings In Melbourne

How To Choose From The Diamond Engagement Rings In Melbourne


Buying your partner the perfect engagement ring is enough to make anyone a little bit weak at the knees. In some ways, it can feel more daunting than the actual big day approaching. But with a little bit of thought and research, you can make it a little bit less stressful. Here are some tips regarding diamond quality to think about when researching diamond engagement rings in Melbourne.

Selecting the right diamond shape               

It’s very likely your partner has a certain style or gem shape they prefer. The most popular diamond shapes are oval, Asscher-cut, radiant-cut, pear-shaped, princess-cut, emerald-cut and heart-shaped. Use the style of rings they already have to guide you in selecting the right shape of stone.

Selecting the right diamond size

There are wide range of diamond sizes and qualities available, and what you’ll choose will most likely be affected by your budget. One thing to consider is also the shape, dimensions and colour of the ring itself. A good diamond seller or ring designer will be able to guide you on the best size and metals that can complement each other and work in unison to stunning effect.

Consider the four Cs

The four Cs of a diamond relate to the cut, the colour, the carat weight, and the clarity. These will all affect the ring’s quality, price, and aesthetic, so are worth having a discussion about with an expert, but can be broken down as follows.

The cut

A diamond’s cut has the biggest influence on its brilliance. A poorly cut diamond won’t sparkle or have the same colour and clarity as one finely cut.

The Colour

Generally, the most valuable diamonds are colourless or close to colourless, so if you’re looking for the most valuable, this is the best option. Generally, the colour of a diamond will affect its value in the following fashion: relatively affordable (brown, grey fancy yellow); mid-range price (vivid yellow, orange); high price (purple, pink, blue, green); and the most expensive and rare (red).


A diamond free from flaws or inclusions is a rare thing, and so is quite expensive to buy.

Carat Weight

The larger the diamond (and thus carat weight), the rarer and therefore more expensive it will be.

But size, clarity, colour, or cut don’t always equal elegance, and while these are considerations to think about when choosing for your partner, remember who they are and let their taste and style determine which ring to buy.Engagement rings come in a wide range of styles, so prices will vary. Once you’ve taken these factors into consideration, do some further research and shop around online before visiting a store or designer for a professional opinion.

There are many jewellers, wholesalers and custom designers in Melbourne that can help inform your choice toward making the perfect decision, so seek out their expert advice and make the moment something your partner will remember and treasure.